Thursday, September 6, 2012

::Reading with Riggs::

One of my favorite things to share with Riggs is my love of books and stories and poems.  So far he seems to love reading with both mama and daddy, and I thought it would be a good project to share some of our favorite works here on my blog.  I hope that you enjoy and maybe are inspired to share your favorite words as well!


Fall has slowly been creeping up on us here in the Valley, and oh, it is so beautiful!  I love fall, as I think I've made pretty clear in this space.  One thing I love about the days getting shorter and colder is the extra time spent indoors to bake, craft, and read.  I found this amazing collection of seasonal poems for children in a free bin of books at a local thrift store.  The Year Around:  Poems for Children, by Alice Isabel Hazeltine - what a treasure!  It is an old hardcover library copy printed in 1956 and though I can't say that I love all the poems in the book, many are quite fun to read aloud with Riggs.  

Probably the best thing about finding this book is finding a poem in it that I loved when I was in about 4th or 5th grade, Something Told the Wild Geese.  We sang an adaptation of it in an elementary school choir, and I have found myself humming it nearly every year when I would see the large formations of geese starting to fly south.  I sang it to Riggs a few times today, and it put it him right to sleep.


  1. Appreciation for the written word is one of the greatest gifts a mother can bestow on her children. I have very fond & vivid memories of my mom reading to my sister & I, and of visiting the air-conditioned cool oasis of the Base Library during hot Nebraska summers for Story Hour when I was around 4-5 yrs old. Keep it up, Whitney!

    Photos are excellent as always...

  2. When I sing to Sawyer, he just shakes his head no and tries to cover my mouth... guess I'm not as soothing as you. :)