Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sad baby and a Bapron

Riggs isn't feeling well and it makes me so sad.  It is hard to see your little one hurting without being able to do anything to fix it, other than give them lots and lots of love.
this is how he's been a lot of the day :(

trying to stuff everything and anything gin his mouth
Lots of sleeping today too.  I switched out his hazelwood necklace for his amber one,
and it has seemed to help with the drooling (it was like a faucet!)

I saw a tutorial for this awesome bib or "bapron" on Jessica's blog, Craftiness is not Optional, and pinned it last week.   Today I decided to make it.  It seemed easy enough by reading the pattern (and it really was), but I didn't want to ruin the fabric I purchased especially for this project (above) so I used some other scraps I had.

It was such a fun and quick pattern!  I whipped this one up during Riggs and Tutka's nap, including making the bias tape myself.

I think I will add a pocket with the yellow koi fabric

Riggs looking smug in his bapron

smiling for a few moments

I love the coverage this bib has...so nice!  And it comes up right under his chin, so it catches all his drool, instead of soaking his shirt.  Brilliant!


  1. That turned out awesome!!! Can't wait to see it.

  2. what a sweet baby!!! I'm sorry he's not feeling well. Tell him I love him!

    1. Thank you I will AC...btw he says he can't way to see you!!!

  3. Hope he feels better soon!!! And I love love the bapron. So cute <3