Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

I feel like it has been two weeks since I blogged last, but it has really only been a few days.  What a fun couple of days it has been, and busy!  I'm so thankful that we had such a fun and family filled weekend, we are blessed!  We stayed in town and had a nice weekend despite the overcast skies.  Luckily, it is back to 60 degrees, blue skies and sunshine, so nice.  We took two long walks today and I still want to be outside some more.  I can't wait for the nice decks at our new house (18 days!) - I know we will be spending many evenings out there in our camp chairs this summer.

Here's a little a ridiculously long little recap of what we did this weekend:

Riggs loved hanging out in the body shaped chairs in the children's section of the library.  He could have sat there all day I think.  We went for the last Lap Sit of spring on Friday morning.  He was not sure what to think of a room full of children and adults chanting (it was supposed to be singing) songs loudly together, very silly songs like "The little bitty brown bear climbed up the tall, tall tree.  Down came the angry bees and stung him on the knee.  Up came the mama bear..." and so on.

He just sat on the floor, leaning up against me with his hands clasped together, a worried look on his face nearly the entire time.  There were a lot of people!  I think we will enjoy the lapsit at the smaller Palmer Library a bit more after we move (have I mentioned that we are moving in only 18 days?!!!).

While I was there, I had to go visit some of my favorite shelves, to see if the copies of the books I used to check out on a monthly basis as a child were still there. The L. M. Montgomery section was always the first place I went.  I think I read that exact copy of Emily Climbs at least fifteen times.  The Redwall books were also a favorite.  Ah, memories...I'm so grateful for parents who encouraged a great love of books and reading.

After Lap Sit, I met up with my sister and her boys the Indian Creek parking lot to walk on the paved path along the highway.  Next time I think we will walk on the other side of the highway - the trail is a little further from the actual road which is a lot better for the pups and boys.  But it was such a beautiful day and we had a great time.

There was only a little bit of snow left on one small portion of the trail.  I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful place, I just can't get over the sunshine and the green, growing things!

Saturday morning Steve, me and Riggs went to breakfast at Snow City.  We usually go to Spendard Roadhouse on the weekends, but they don't open for breakfast until 9am and we were up early and decided to try it.  We usually hate going there because of the long wait, but we didn't mind this time.  It was nice to sit and talk.  Riggs passed out as soon as we got to our table, and took his morning nap while we feasted on sourdough french toast and eggs benedict.

As we were walking back to the car, we made a stop at the Captain Cook Hotel.  Riggs like the comfy couches, but wasn't very impressed by the brown bear.  He thought daddy was much more interesting to look at...

I dropped Steve off to hang out with his cousin while he worked on his Super Cub project, and headed over to the Bayshore Clubhouse for a walk around the lake with Riggs and Tutka.  I got to meet up with Lindsey and her little cousin Chloe too, it was great to see them!

Tutka decided he had to jump into the water to try and chase a few ducks, but he still hasn't quite gotten the hang of swimming.  He just sunk, head first, to the bottom before figuring out what he needed to do to get back to the surface.  I helped him out back up onto the boardwalk.  He tried a few times to go back in...he must be a lab or something.

Sunday morning Steve was sick and hadn't slept well, when I left around 8 am, he had gone back to sleep in his chair.  Poor Steve!

Riggs and I went to the airport before church to welcome Aunt Connie!  Yay!  It was so good to see her, and I can't wait to spend some quality time with her during this trip.  I love my family!

We reunited with Steve for family lunch, and then headed to Boot Country to get him some new boots for the season (he goes through a pair a year, ouch).  Riggs was just chillin' in the car with mama's sunglasses big deal.

Today we went to visit grandma and grandpa after our morning walk, and Aunt Connie and Abrianna were there too!  Abrianna and Riggs quite enjoyed each sweet!

When we got home it was just too nice to go right inside, we Riggs, Tutka and I went on another, longer walk all the way around the lagoon.  It was so warm!  Riggs enjoyed wearing his new sunglasses before he got tired from looking so cute and fell asleep.  Whew!  What a weekend...

PS - I read a blog post today that I felt I needed to share.  It sums up my feelings on how I'm raising Riggs to a tee (minus the breastfeeding my toddler part, although I hope I will still be breastfeeding when Riggs is that age - if he wants to).  Every parent-child relationship is different, and so certain things work better or worse for each and every family.  I have settled into a rhythm with Riggs, and feel very comfortable with my choices as a parent thus far, but sometimes it is still hard to know if you are really "doing what's best" for your child(ren), especially when family and friends expect you to do things exactly how they did them.  Arianne's blog post really encouraged me today and reminded me to stand firm on the decisions that I've made that I really feel strongly about and not to let anyone make me feel bad about them.  Thank you Arianne!


  1. very cool, I grew up on the Bayshore boardwalk, we lived right there, we used to ride our bikes down it to school and catch 3 spined sticklebacks and snails there-good memories :)

  2. I LOVE that scared baby "I don't know what to think" face that babies make. IT always makes me wonder what is going through their head at that moment. The pics with the sunglasses are great! What a cutie baby you have!


  3. Love all the pics and I can't wait to go on another walk with you! You're a great mom!! Also I loved the pics of Riggs in his sunglasses!!

  4. I LOVE Riggs' whale onesie! So cute! Ellie was way scared of the water last summer but now she loves running in up to her belly! Still have to do some work on the actual swimming part... She's supposed to be 100% lab - and labs are supposed to love water! Haha!