Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Miraculous Morning

I woke up grumpy today, I'm not sure why.  I was just mad, right from the start.  Tutka usually makes me laugh with his antics; not today.  Today I wanted to make him magically disappear.  I put together a playlist this morning.  It was so perfect for how I was feeling:

It helped to cheer me up a little.  In fact I'm still listening to it - so many good songs!  Riggs also helped to make me feel better.  I honestly do not think there is anything better in the world than the feeling of your baby softly stroking your chest with their warm, chubby little hands as they nurse.  Or to look over and see the sweetest little baby bottom covered in organic cotton and wool.

We went on a walk because I couldn't stand to be in the house any longer.  I started to relax a little the moment I felt the sun shining down on me, but I was still pretty crabby.  I felt like I just needed to go on a walk by myself, walking as far and as slow as I wanted to, with my headphones in to keep people from talking to me.  I didn't want to be walking a puppy that needed a lot of attention and that got the attention of every. single. person. that. walked. by.  I thought I just needed to be alone, on my own, in my own world, in the outdoors.

I got about half a mile before I realized I was getting more and more mad about having to "deal" with walking Tutka the right way, so I turned around.  I was so frustrated!

On the way by, I had noticed a group of about 6 women with about 8 dogs running all around.  They were on this boardwalk over a creek that was sort of isolated and set apart form the rest of the trail.  They looked like they were having a great time talking while their dogs played together...I was jealous, but was feeling very antisocial and was worried about what they'd think about me butting into their happy little group.

They were still there when I was walking back by, and I was still jealous.  I just didn't know how they would react to me coming over with Tutka.  I thought about calling across to ask them, but then I noticed they weren't speaking english.  I tried to keep walking, but something inside just made me turn and walk down the boardwalk towards them.

Their dogs noticed me first, and a few of them ran up to inspect Tutka.  He was on his short leash, so I took him off of it to let him play.  Then I kept walking slowly towards the ladies until they finally noticed the puppy playing with their dogs, and then me, walking around very awkwardly close by them.  Despite my awkwardness, they were so friendly!  They called out to me, asking me about the Tutka and about Riggs, and I felt instant relief that I had decided to walk over to them.

I ended up spending an hour there, talking with them while Riggs slept and Tutka played and played.  It was such a good way to spend my morning.  They were the sweetest women ever and they all spoke dutch and got together often to walk their dogs and just hang out together.  I was sad when they all had to get on with their day, I think I could have spent all day there talking with them and watching Tutka play with their big dogs.  Thanks to them, I left the park feeling like a different person.

It was such a lovely way to start the second-half of my day and I smiled the entire way home.  I'll leave you with a photo of some beautiful blooms I saw on the way home, and warm wishes that your day will be improved at least a little by their beauty:

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  1. awww, so sweet :), I so understand about the walking puppy and getting stopped by everyone! sympathy coming your way :)