Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sampler and a Tricksy Baby

Outside my window...
It was a beautiful day today, so sunny and so warm!  

I am thinking...
As I was making my bed today, I noticed how light and bright my bedroom was and it felt so good!  I thought about how I always forget how much I really miss the sunlight in the evenings during winter...probably because whenever winter comes, I'm always ready for the darkness.

I am thankful...
I went over to my sisters house pretty early in the morning and spent the day with her and the boys.  It works out so good because both my nephews and her two dogs keep Tutka very well entertained and completely wear him out...perfect!  Having a puppy is so much harder (to me) than having a baby - it is so much work.  I am so thankful to have the option to go over to her house and for her help with both Riggs and Tutka.

I am creating...
I've been making progress on my sampler quilt (without even sewing a stitch - ha) and am now done with the planning sheet for which blocks I'm going to do and what fabrics I will be using in each one.  This was Kelsey's idea, and I loved doing it.  It feels so organized, just like making a list (so exciting!).

Tonight I hope to write out the cutting instructions for each block on a single piece (or two) of paper so that I don't have to flip through the book when I get to cutting the fabric.  I don't have two of the fabrics that I am using in the quilt, they are in some postman's bag somewhere.  Or maybe at a post office, I'm not sure, they are just not hear yet.  I had to choose a new fabric for the border, I just didn't love the fabric I had picked out three years ago, and I want to love any quilt I put work into.  Here is the new fabric:

London Blue Manchester by Free Spirit Fabrics - so pretty!

I am reading...
501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks by Judy Hopkins.  This is where all of the blocks and cutting instructions come from that I'm using for my sampler.  Great resource, plus the author is from Juneau, Alaska!

A {few} peek(s) into my day...
In other news, Riggs has found his feet!  It is so sweet how much he loves them...he'd better be careful because his hands might get jealous :)

Also he has been trying to escape the confines of his boppy, tonight I caught some pictures of him in the act.  He was not happy when he couldn't quite make it over - he got so mad!

But then his hands distracted him and he just focused on trying to eat them.

Here are some more pictures of him, this time displaying another one of his new skills: grasping.  He has been able to grab things before now (oh let's see, for example, my hair!) but he never did it with purpose.  Now he will see something he wants and will actually grab exciting ha.


  1. Great post and I love those last pics of my sweet nephew. :)

  2. such cute tushie pictures! lol, and i still love that purple afghan sooo have to start knitting!!!

  3. Love all the pictures! And the quilt looks like it's going to be so cute. <3

  4. Agree agree agree! In just a little over a week, I'm gonna get me some Riggs lovin!!

  5. Good idea just using the prompts that you feel like using. I feel like I don't know what to say for some of them or they're repetitive... I'm going to have to start cutting some out!

    1. Haha yeah I was definitely getting sick of some of them :)