Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Right now, I am...

...grateful that I had a fabulous day today.  Every part of it was so nice, such a blessing!  Lazy morning together, church, lunch with family and friends, a few hours at the quilt store, and a nice evening walk.  I guess for me that is just a little slice of heaven!

Riggy at the Quilt Tree
...excited to finally get started on my sampler quilt:

...loving how much my two guys love each other.

...enjoying the sunny warm{er} weather that comes with spring.

...patiently waiting for the buds to bloom.

...sewing up lots of things for my Riggs:


  1. I had so much fun with you today!! I love the fabrics you picked out! They are going to make a beautiful quilt!

  2. Love the puppy picture, such a cute little tushie :)

  3. Of I am also thinking it is going to be a very lazy kinda Sunday over here too! Thanks for sharing your list of gratitude! Your little guy is adorable.