Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Shmursday

We went on a walk in the frosty, early morning sunshine today.  It was such a lovely way to spend the first hour of the day, all together.  

Riggs loves the walks as much as we do and is always ready with a smile.  I guess being so happy wore him out because when we got him out of the stroller and set him on the couch, he fell fast asleep.  I love how he sleeps all stretched out now, his arms up high.

We also made a trip to Yogurt Lounge on our way to the zoo, which is always a treat.  We love it there, the owner is so nice and all of the employees are so good with the younger customers.  As usual Corbin had to hold Riggs for a few minutes - such a good big cousin.

The zoo was fun and the animals were all being pretty tricksy and playful.  The seals were swimming around each other in circles and then touching their noses to each other - I've never seen them do that, it was so fascinating!

One of the chickens was taking a break from the petting zoo to come and see Corbin and Noah.  They didn't prove to be very interesting apparently as he just continued to walk on by.

Kelsey carried Riggs in the Ergo for me so that I could focus on walking with really good posture (I think she would have loved to carry him regardless) and he promptly went to sleep.  I find it pretty funny that he choose to sleep with his hands up on Kelsey's chest the entire time - such a silly boy, even in his sleep.

All in all it was a very enjoyable Thursday.  How was yours?

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  1. you are right that chicken deffinately looks like he was late for something important-lol