Monday, April 23, 2012

Right now, I am...

Right now, I am...

...remembering our quick trip to Homer this weekend.  It was so great to visit with family and friends there and to get out of the "big city" for a little while. awe of how beautiful this earth can be.  We spent nearly all our time on Saturday at Bishop's Beach and could not get over what a beautiful day it was.  The sun, the waves, the wind - being out in nature renewed my soul.

...laughing remembering how silly Steve and Tutka were, running around and playing on the beach together for hours.

...a little sad that we didn't get to see Rick and Dorle - they were across the bay getting ready for their first guests of the season.

...happy to have seen my brother-in-law Ben out kite-boarding when we were there.  I think kiting is an interesting sport - to go kiting you have to have high winds, which is weather that most people avoid going out in.  Whereas most people would be a little disappointed when it's sunny and windy, kiters get excited by the news.

...amazed by how fast the snow is melting, and at the same time amazed by how much snow there still is.

...excited for blooming flowers.

...grateful for a big and loving family.  I took Riggs down to my grandparent's house today and they were thrilled to see him.  My grandma got out her oldest sons baby book to compare Riggs' size to his.  It was such a special moment to me to share her memories from when she was at the same stage in life I am now.

he was pretty comfortable with his great-grandpa

My Uncle Larry's baby book - he was the exact same length that Riggs is now at three months, but he
weighed four less pounds than little guy is a chub!

the little tag they stuck to his back to identify him - no electronic bracelets then!

Uncle Larry at three months, in 1947

...happy that it is another warm, sunny day and excited to go on another family walk this evening when Steve gets home from work.


  1. Such a sweet thing, the old baby records, I love old family memrobelia, there is something wonderful about old things that are dear only to certain people :)

  2. that is so beautiful...your babe sharing those stories with those who came before him. I love your little guys name too. Have a wonderful week.