Thursday, April 12, 2012

3 short months

to see his growth, click here

Riggs is three months old today.  What a big boy he has become!  He weighs about 17 pounds and is 26.5" long.  He can roll over from his belly to his back and he has started to produce the cutest little giggles.  He is sleeping through the night and taking two long naps, with a few catnaps thrown in throughout the day.  He loves to watch his big cousins and always has big smiles for them; it warms my heart to see the three of them together.

two months on the left, three months on the right
It has probably been the fastest three months of my life, and the most bittersweet.  I love seeing him grow and learn but I am sad to lose my little baby.  I am loving every single minute of being his mama - he is such a peaceful, happy little soul.  Why does time have to go by so fast?

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  1. So fast is so right...remember everything you can, some-day you will live vicariously through friends with tiny babies like I do :)