Friday, April 13, 2012

lazy day

 Today has sort of been one of those days.  You know, the ones where you just can't muster up the energy to do anything, so you sit on the couch messing with your blog all day.  That is what I've spent the entire day doing.  To be fair, there were a few loads of laundry and more than a few potty trips {for puppy Tutka} thrown in there.

I am just pretty worn down.  You'd think it was because I was a new mom, but it actually has nothing to do with that, in fact, that's the easy part.  It all stems from the nerve problem I'm having.  I can't sit comfortably, or stand comfortably, or lay comfortably.  So even though my baby is sleeping through the night, I'm not.  I just can't - I wake up in pain and can't get comfortable enough to go back to sleep.

So I'm tired all day, and frustrated because no matter what I'm trying to do, I'm not comfortable.  The only thing that is comfortable is walking at a very slow pace, and only after I'm about 10 minutes in.  It has been very nice weather, so walking has been very pleasant, but there's only so much walking you can do when you have a home to manage.

I think physical therapy is really starting to help, but today I'm just rebelling a little bit against the long road I know lies ahead of me to full recovery.  So there's my little gripe for the day.

these help cheer me up a little
I'm so glad I get to spend all day with Riggs, he truly does help to cheer me up.  He is such a happy, peaceful, observant baby.  I can't hep but feel filled with happiness and warmth when I look down at that little face, so full of love, and it's all for me!  

He is nearly always content to lie, on either stomach or back, taking in all the sights to be seen with his wide eyes, eyebrows raised and forehead wrinkles on full display.  

Anyway, I hope you had a lovely week {better physically and mentally than mine has been}, I'm off to do some walking and then spend some quality time on Pinterest.


  1. Love u honey! Keep up your positive nature. We r praying for u to get better soon

  2. Hope today is better for you! Love that pic of my nephew!! So cute on his quilt :)