Saturday, March 2, 2013

king of chaos, post chaos

For those of you that don't follow my 365 project (over here) I had to share these pictures I took of Riggs this morning.  I was in the kitchen grabbing something for Steve who was working away in our bathroom/closet (more on that later in the post), and I could hear Riggs being Riggs in his room, basically tearing it apart.  I went back to my room for a few minutes, and when I came back I didn't hear anything.  I was a little scared - especially since Riggs had closed his door (he's like a teenager already, sheesh).  I opened it and walked in to find a most miraculous sight:

Never before has Riggs just fallen asleep on his own like this!  I ran (very quietly) to grab my camera and snap a few overexposed photos then crept quietly out hoping he would finish his (an hour early) nap.  Unfortunately he woke up about a half hour later and wouldn't go back to sleep in his crib.  But really?  Who cares?! It was worth it just to have these pictures to look back on and share a laugh about later on down the road.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, we spent the entire morning (and some of late last night - yuck) dealing with some problems in our walk in closet.  Thursday I thought I smelled something weird when I went in the closet to grab my clothes for the day, but I had just changed Riggs' diaper and thought it was probably just from that (the closet is right off the bathroom) so I bagged up the trash with the diaper in it and threw it in the outside trash.  I thought it was a little strange since I'd never noticed his diaper smelling like that before, but I quickly forgot about it.

Fast forward to last night after we got home from Anchorage a little late (for Riggs' bedtime). I had finally got Riggs to bed, tidied up the kitchen and went to our room to wash my face and get my pjs on to watch Skyfall with Steve. And I smelled the smell again.  In case you didn't know this already, I am extremely sensitive to smells and especially can't stand when I don't know where a smell is coming from.  I went a little crazy sniffing everything in the closet for about 10 minutes (driving Steve nuts, who was waiting to start the movie lol) and almost gave up (I'm SO GLAD I didn't).  I bent down to see if it was the carpet, which was the only bit of carpet that hadn't been replaced when we moved in.  The carpet on the right side of the closet just smelled like regular carpet.  The carpet on the left side, in the corner and along the wall, definitely did not smell normal.  It reeked like cat pee - awesome!!!!! - not.  At that moment I remembered that the people who lived here before had two cats (and two dogs) and all the other carpet had been covered in stains from the cats (yuck).  Oh and guess what else?  The carpet was wet. I called Steve in to look at it and long story short, our washing machine tubes have been leaking (unbeknownst to us obviously) and the laundry room shares a wall with our closet and there you have it - when the carpet got wet it 'released' the lovely cat urine smell.

A big unwelcome project for us to spend our ridiculously sunny Saturday working on.  Oh the joys of home ownership lol.  Neither of us are actually that upset about it, probably because

a) it could be much, much worse - none of my clothes got wet and stinky at all (yay!) and
b) we needed to replace the carpet anyway and even had a new piece cut out and ready in the garage

I'm just so thankful that Steve is willing and able to fix nearly anything that can go wrong around the house and that he has the time right now to do so!  Hope your Saturday is spent outside enjoying the sun (if you live in Alaska) or doing something fun with family or basically just not spent wearing dust masks and tearing out cat-pee-stained carpet.

In case your day is a little dreary, here are some happy Riggs pictures to cheer you up:


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you figured out what it was. Sometimes home ownership can be a drag.

    I love the pics of Riggs. He looks so sweet.

  2. oh Riggs!! What a cutie. love him!