Friday, March 15, 2013

feels like friday and a 'bad mom' moment

Dear Riggs, thank you so much for sitting in my lap to watch Dora for 7 minutes the other day. I really needed those few moments to just relax completely, plus I loved getting to hold you on my lap. It was the first time you've ever actually paid attention to the TV, and that both thrilled and scared me a little bit. Dear Whitney-before-I-had-kids, I totally let my child watch TV before he turned two and it felt great. Sorry that I didn't live up to your expectations, but really, it was only 7 minutes. Dear Steve, I miss you. Dear eyes, please stay open long enough to finish this post (soooo tired).

Okay enough with the 'dears'. It's been a whirlwind of a week that included staying a few nights at my parents in Anchorage and spending lots of time with family. My mom and dad are pretty much saints for allowing me, my baby, and our two dogs to pretty much take over their house for the week (and they even seemed to enjoy it). Other than spending time with family, probably the best thing about staying in the 'big city' for a few days was being able to run quite a few errands that I just hadn't had a chance to squeeze in to my previous day trips in town.  

We went to Babies R Us and after picking up the random things I need from the baby side, I wandered the Toys R Us side with wide eyes. I couldn't believe all the different toys there were just for babies and toddlers! I alternated between wanting to run out of the store as fast as possible and this frantic feeling of needing to buy every single cool thing for Riggs immediately. Luckily I refrained from doing either of those things, but I did find a few things I wanted to get Riggs when he's a little bit older.

Like this camera, he will totally be needing one of these at some point:

And this bike? He will so be ready for that in a few months! He could almost pedal it, his legs were just a teensy bit too short. He definitely loved it though, and I can't wait to see him riding all around on his own bike someday:)

And now for something he won't be getting...
Sorry Riggs, you won't be getting either of these any time soon - I have too much Facebook stalking and pinning to do to share my iPhone with you:



  1. The toys that are available for kids these days. I wonder if it's too much sometimes. Or if I'm just jealous I didn't have cool toys like that.

  2. He looks so cute and grown up on that little bike! And I cant wait to see him running around with a little camera haha. Lovee