Friday, March 22, 2013

in my bag

I meant to post this earlier in the week, but I've spent the last two days away from home, dealing with a sick baby, so it got pushed back until I was finally able to finish typing it up today. Sorry for the blog silence!

Going back and forth from our home in Palmer to visit family and run errands, I spend a lot of time making sure I have everything I need in Riggs' diaper bag. I was packing it once again earlier this week and thought I'd go ahead and share what I pack here on my blog! 
1 | Diaper Bag: I have the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Glazed diaper bag, in the print pictured, which is no longer available. I love that it came with a detachable & washable changing pad that folds right into the front pocket. It also came with a cute little wipes case and it is full of pockets and has either backpack straps or an easily adjustable strap for carrying cross-body or over the shoulder. It easily fits everything I need for Riggs and has an inner zipper pocket so nothing falls out and gets lost. I don't love that it doesn't fit a laptop, which was especially frustrating when I was traveling and trying to fit everything in that one bag as a carryon. I also don't love the velcro, so loud (bad for being stealthy around a sleeping baby) and worst of all, it catches on my clothes and scarves and pulls the fibers! I actually wouldn't recommend this bag because of how annoying the velcro is, but luckily Petunia Pickle Bottom must have been informed of how horrible the velcro was because they now use a magnetic closure which I imagine is much much better.

2 | Extra Outfit: I always have an extra outfit for Riggs in the back, including socks and a short-sleeve white onesie. I usually have a long-sleeve one piece romper, but sometimes I grab soft, cotton pants and a long-sleeve cotton shirt. (the picture is of a Splendid romper Riggs has, here is a similar item) 

3 | Diapers: When we're at home or just running errands close to home, we use the Bum Genius Elemental Organic Cotton all-in-one diapers. I love them and tried quite a few other cloth diapers before settling on these. Bum Genius did just change the design of the Elemental Diaper, and I haven't tried the new design, so I can't comment on them. When we're going to be away from the house all day or overnight, we use up&up disposable diapers or Seventh Generation disposable diapers.

4 | Snacks: I always make sure to have a variety of snacks in my bag, especially when we will be driving all the way to Anchorage and running errands there. I pack blueberries and veggie sticks in glass containers from home, but sometimes I also buy Plum Organics products, like Teensy Fruits, because they are so convenient to stash in the pockets of my bag and Riggs loves them. 

5 | Baby Wipes: We use Kirkland Signature baby wipes at home, but they don't fit in the travel wipes container that came with my diaper bag, so I purchase Pampers Sensitive wipes just to bring along with us. 

6 | Extra Lovey: These Aiden + Anais Security Blankets are a lifesaver in our family. Riggs doesn't take a pacifier, but he loves these security blankets so much, they really calm him when he's fussy and help him fall asleep. We have one in the truck, and one extra one in his diaper bag at all times, just in case.

7 | Books: I like to keep a book or two in Riggs' diaper bag for times when he needs a little distraction. These Indestructible Books work really well in his bag, they are small and can be folded up to fit in the pockets, and if they get dirty being toted around or thrown on some nasty floor you can just wash them!

8 | Sippy Cup: We use the Klean Kanteen brand stainless-steel sippy cup in the diaper bag, since it's the most durable. I really love this sippy cup, it's both practical and stylish. It comes in a variety of different colors and in the more simple brushed-steel finish.

9 | Lotion: I always have a small tube of gentle lotion or coconut oil in Riggs' diaper bag since he has such dry and sensative skin. We have used Mustela skin care products since Riggs was just a little newborn and I both love how they work and how they smell.

10 | Wet Ones Wipes: If you were to look in our car or truck, you would find a tub (or two) of wet-ones in each vehicle. Steve has to wipe his hands with these after going in any store, and he is always wanting to wipe down any surface Riggs comes in contact with so we keep the single packs in the diaper bag. 

Not Pictured:
*I often use the diaper bag as a purse too, so I keep a pocket free for my wallet and checkbook. 
*hand sanitizer spray (as if the wet ones weren't enough ha)
*diaper rash cream (Mustela)
*Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser - this is so handy for dirty diapers and wipes, as well as soiled clothes
*nail clippers/nail file

I have been looking for another bag that would hold all of Riggs stuff as well as my laptop, and this Colorblock Storksak seems like it would be big enough for that. I'm sort of in that transition period between Riggs needing less baby 'stuff' in his diaper bag and more toddler 'stuff', and I'd really like to start carrying my own purse again, with another bag packed just for him with room for some of my bigger items.

What do you have to have in your baby's diaper bags at all times? I'd love to hear some suggestions for items that might be helpful to start carrying as Riggs gets older.

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  1. love that splendid outfit and I def like the second diaper bag better, you should get it!