Sunday, March 17, 2013


This was such a crazy busy weekend and I have so many pictures to share! It was one of those weekends where so much was packed in but everything ran smoothly and we had lots of fun! Steve was even able to fix our plumbing problem (you can read about it here & here) and even got it done quickly and [relatively] smoothly. Yay Steve! 

Friday isn't technically the weekend, but I'm going to include it in this post because I want to. Isn't that reason enough? It was such a beautiful day, all blue skies and sunshine. Riggs played outside in the morning and I just about died watching him walk back and forth along the stone walkway with his little turtle, and then climbing all over the porch. He's so good at getting places!

After he woke up from his nap we headed into Palmer to go skiing up at the Government Peak Recreation Area. There was no one there, it was nice to have it all to ourselves! Tutka had a blast - I love that they have a dog-friendly loop at GPRA. I was reminded once again of how much I love living in Alaska. It just has to be the most beautiful place ever (I'm not biased at all).

Saturday I baked up some cookies and strawberry muffins for a friends baby shower, they all looked so good! I was really really glad that I needed to bring them to the shower, it would not have been good to have them around the house for me to nibble on. The shower was a complete success, and the food was so amazing, I took pictures of the food but not much else, haha. My friends babygirl is such a beautiful little angel, Riggs loves her so much and even gave her a sweet (and surprisingly gentle) kiss on her little head.

Saturday night Steve and I went to see A Good Day to Die Hard, a much needed date, especially with Steve working so much now. It was so much fun to spend those three hours alone together, eating ice cream and holding hands in the movie, just like old times. We really need to have date nights more often (and thank you to my sis for watching our little Riggy)!

Such a lovely weekend, I'm sad that it's nearly over! Here are some iPhone pics from the last few days:

That last pic of Riggs on the bottom right is from this evening just after he went to sleep. I heard him playing for quite a while in his crib which is unusual for him, so after it had been silent for a few minutes, I went in to check on him and he was sleeping like that, folded nearly in half! It looked like he had just fallen asleep sitting up and bent right over to lay his head down. I moved him and straightened out his little legs so they wouldn't fall asleep, and he didn't even stir at all. He was so sound asleep...I will never get over how he can sleep in such strange and uncomfortable looking positions!

I have to end this post with another huge thanks to my hubby for being so amazing today. I know he would have rather spent the day out on his snowmachine in the sun, but instead he hung out with me and Riggs and managed to get a crazy amount of projects done around the house.

Yay for my little laundry room being all put back together, tomorrow I will put all our clothes back in the closet and our house will be clean clean clean and back to normal. I hope you had a good weekend and a happy Saint Patricks day and thank you so much for reading my rambling, picture-heavy post:)

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