Monday, March 18, 2013

my skin routine

Over the years I've tried dozens of different beauty products for my facial skin care routine. Washes, scrubs, toners, lotions, and more recently some anti-wrinkle creams [sad]. Many times I try new products because I'm bored and I like trying out different brands and new items as they come out on the market. I don't really have any problems that necessarily need special treatment, my skin is actually very easy to care for, just a little bit of dryness during the cold winter months and that's about it. 

Before I started learning more about the chemicals and additives they use in many beauty products, I just tried out what ever seemed to catch my eye. Now I'm much more selective about the things I'm putting on my delicate facial skin, although I am still learning so there are times that I find out about a harmful ingredient weeks or even months after I've been using a product, which always makes me really mad.

Since having Riggs, I've had to simplify my skin care routine, and through trial and error I've found that there are only three produce I need to use every day. 

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1. Witch Hazel /// I first started using Witch Hazel on a regular basis a few years ago when I still lived in Downtown Anchorage. I was perusing the aisles at New Sagaya City Market and saw it there on the shelf, and I was curious so I read the label. I loved the smell of it (although it comes in many other scents including unscented) and decided to try it out.

I can't get over how much I love this product. I soak organic cotton rounds with it and use it as a facial cleanser first thing in the morning before moisturizing my face and as a toner at night after I've washed my makeup off and before I apply a moisturizer. I also always bring it along anywhere I go, especially when I'll be somewhere that doesn't have running water, like camping or visiting Steve's family in Homer. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't have oily skin, so not sure if this would be 'enough' for you if you have oily skin. But I have noticed that it helps with eczema too (when using it on Steve and Riggs) and I read more about it's other uses here.

2. Baking Soda Scrub /// I have used many different scrubs for my face over the years, as I tend to have really dull and flaky skin during the dry, winter months. Lately I've found that mixing baking soda with water and gently rubbing the paste into my skin works just as well if not better than anything else. Plus it's really cheap, and much better for the environment.

3. Coconut Oil /// Coconut Oil has become a serious staple in our house. We use it for all our cooking needs and for nearly all our skin-care needs too. I have Riggs to thank for this - you see he has ridiculously sensitive skin, and when he was a newborn his little bum got the worst diaper rashes ever, I'm talking horrible. No diaper rash creams seemed to help, until I tried coconut oil. I heard about moms using it online (of course) and once we started using it we have never gone back. The more I read about it the more I liked it and soon, like I mentioned previously, it was a staple for our whole family.

I use it on my face both morning and night and I love how it makes my skin feel. I know it might sound scary to use something with the word 'oil' on you face, but it absorbs so well and has never caused a breakout (for me at least). I also use it as a make-up remover, and find that it works just as good as any other type of natural eye-make-up remover I've every tried. I buy it by the tub at Costco, which is (by far) the cheapest option I've found. It's important to make sure that any coconut oil you purchase for your skin (and for eating, in my opinion) is organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil.

There are times when a more 'conventional' moisturizer is needed, especially if foundation is part of your make-up routine. Sometimes I use coconut oil under my makeup, just a lighter layer than I would normally use. The problem is that, like I mentioned above, coconut oil works well as a makeup remover, and sometimes I find that eyeliner and foundation just won't stay put over coconut oil.

It's hard to find skin-care products that don't have harmful chemicals in them, but I've found that La Roche-Posay products are usually relatively 'safe' in this regard and they work so well.
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A. La Roche-Posay Daily Anti-Aging Primer Lotion with Sunscreen SPF 50 /// This amazing product really fills in lines and wrinkles and smooths the skin. It is also very mattifying, which I like even thought I don't have oily skin. It works so well as a primer, my foundation goes on much more smoothly and the coverage lasts much longer when I use this first.

B. La Roche-osay Purifying Foaming Cream /// This is what I use at the end of the day to wash off all my makeup (I use coconut oil first to remove eye-makup). It is so gently and I love how it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry.

If you have any natural skin-care products that you love, please share what it/they are in the comments section so I can try it out too! I love to hear feedback from other people on what works well for them and their skin.


  1. I love coconut oil too! Never thought of using baking soda, going to try it now haha

  2. Great tips! I'm always up for trying new products on my skin- I'll be sure to check these out! Thank you :)

    Sarah XxX