Thursday, March 28, 2013

Palmer Public Library: hitting the stacks with a toddler in tow

Yesterday I wrote all about taking Riggs to the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center.

Today I wanted to share my experience with taking Riggs to the Palmer Public Library. Although the Palmer Library is much smaller than the Loussac Library in Anchorage that I grew up visiting, I have really grown to love it.

We go to Baby Lap Sit on Tuesday mornings, which I love because it teaches Riggs that he has to sit through something, and he gets to see other kids his age sitting and listening and reading and singing. We also go to the library pretty often just to let Riggs crawl around in the sunny and open children's section. Lots of fun things to explore:)

Wedgits Table
these are definatley Riggs' favorite thing at the Library.
Wedgits are a pretty awesome toy, I think Steve and I both
spend a bit of time 'playing' with them whenever we take
Riggs to the library;)
Usually I build towers and Riggs knocks them down, but
in the last couple of months he's started to build things too.

Magnetic Puzzles & Mazes
Riggs loves these, which surprizes me becuase they take a lot of patience!
He will use the magnetic pen to move the little pieces around for
five or ten minutes usually before moving onto something else.

there are lots of little nooks to sit in child-sized chairs to
rest and read a good book. Riggs loves gathering board books
from the baskets to 'read' out loud.

These are kept behind the counter, probably so the pieces don't get
lost, but if you ask the Librarian she'll get them out for you.
Riggs loves this one because you have to match up the pieces to make shapes.

The way the children's area is set up is great for toddlers crawling or toddling,
as they can't really escape very easily but there are plenty of places for them
to explore. Riggs loves to crawl all around through the shelves of books.

I highly recommend a visit to the Palmer Library if you live in the Valley - there are lots of books for adults too! I have such good memories from visiting the library as a kid, and I want Riggs to have his own Library memories too.

Did you visit the Library as a kid? Do you take your own kids to the Library? I love feedback, so be sure to leave me a comment with your own Library experiences:)

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  1. We used to walk to grand view gardens library when we first moved to Alaska. Wonderful memories!