Tuesday, March 5, 2013

crazy busy

I've been a very bad blogger these past couple of days - we've been so busy! It's been a whirlwind for sure...

We went to the official start of the Iditarod in Willow on Sunday, so fun! My friend Lindsey's family has a cabin out there and they set up a great area to watch the dog teams go by with lots of food for everyone who came out. I snapped a few pictures but apparently I was too busy talking to get any pictures of the actual dog teams, oopsies.

You may remember from my last post that we were having washing machine problems, and it's still enough of an issue that we were at the laundromat for a few hours Monday doing our laundry. It was actually kind of fun and nostalgic - it reminded me of when we lived in Homer and did all of our laundry at the Washboard, which doubled as a place to connect to the internet and check email and Facebook, and to catch up on the latest news/gossip with whoever happened to be there at the same time as you. There is something so nice about getting all your laundry done at the same time and folding it all on the big, counter height table and then packing it neatly away for the journey back home.

Coming back to the present, it's definitely a change of pace to try and get all that laundry done while entertaining a {nearly} 14 month old. I was actually very surprised with how well Riggs did do while we were there, especially considering the fact that he had already sat through Steve's doctor appointment earlier that day without really causing a stir. He's such an easy little guy!

We were just pulling away from the laundromat Monday afternoon when Steve's phone rang - it was a dispatch for a big job, that he would need to start ASAP. So we rushed home and I put away all the laundry and ran around like a crazy person to get all his work stuff ready to go while he drove to Anchorage to get all the paperwork filled out for the new call. Steve thought he'd have to show up right away (as in this morning at 7am) but he had already made another doctors appointment for this morning so the foreman at his new job said he could show up Wednesday morning instead. Sometimes being a lineman's wife is just crazy, when a call comes in Steve's just got to pack up and go! I'm really thankful that he got another call so soon after finishing his last class and Journeyman test - it really is a blessing.

Today's been another crazy day of medical tests and last minute errands, but I managed to squeeze in a mini-photoshoot with Riggs in the early afternoon. Last night during his bath I noticed that he his top molars had just broken through the skin - which explains a lot as he's been waking up one or two times a night out of nowhere the last three or four nights.

I wasn't too successful in getting a good picture of his new teeth though, this is the closest I got:

he wasn't a fan of me trying to photograph the inside of his mouth lol.
but you can just barely see one of the new molars up on the left...

Tutka wanted a picture too :)
Riggs also got some new shirts in the mail from Lineman Rock. I had to try them on him right away and they are even cuter than I thought they would be - I just love 'em. Although I am a little bit distressed about the fact that size 2T fit him so well, I had thought they would be bigger on him! Why do they have to grow so fast?!

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