Sunday, November 4, 2012

you know you're a mom when...

Since Riggs was a teeny weeny little baby, he has loved bath time.  It doesn't matter if water gets in his eyes, or if he starts to get cold and pruny, he could stay in there forever.  He also loves to growl and make silly faces, and the other day when he was cheesin' it up in the tub I couldn't resist taking a picture (or twenty).  Seriously though, who could?

All of the sudden he stopped smiling and got very, very still.  A funny look came over his face, and I was too carried away taking pictures to realize what it meant.  

Anyone who is a mom or has spent much time with babies can probably tell what he is doing.  And as soon as I [finally] realized I swiped him out and sat him on the toilet to finish his business.  But I wasn't quite quick enough, and had to fish out little tiny baby poops from the water in the tub.  Ahhh the joys of

I love my smiley little guy so much and am so blessed to have him in my life, floating poop and all (and if you look closely, you can see his new little bottom tooth thats been causing him so much trouble).

We had dinner with Steve's family last night at a friends house in Anchorage and it was so much fun seeing Riggs interact with everyone.  I especially loved seeing him with Steve and Rick (Steve's dad) all together.  Now that I have a child I am really beginning to understand how much our parents love us and how proud they must be of us.  I can't imagine seeing Riggs with his own son (or daughter) and can only imagine how special it will be.  We got some fun and very fuzzy iPhone pictures during the evening but I love them because they really capture everything that was going on and our family dynamic.

I hope you had an enjoyable Saturday evening too and have a fabulous Sunday (my favorite day ever)!

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  1. Just found your adorable blog and love it! Your son is precious and you have the cutest little family! Can't wait to read more-newest follower! xo.