Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Riggs has taken to his crib so well and has transitioned to sleeping all by himself in his own room better than I ever imagined he would.  He actually sleeps so much better now it's amazing.  And although he still occasionally wakes up crying from naps, often I hear him playing in his crib or jabbering away to himself and that's how I know he's awake.

Last week I worked out and took a shower during his morning nap.  It had been nearly two hours and I hadn't heard anything from his room, so I went in to see what he was up to.  Despite the silence, he wasn't asleep.  Oh no, he was quiet because he had had his mouth full of his crib rail.  There he was, standing up in his crib, his teeth firmly anchored in the wood, stopping only for a toothy grin when he saw me come in the room.

As you can see, it wasn't pretty.  I was horrified, not only sad about the damage to the crib but worried about the chemicals he had just ingested by literally scraping the stain right off the wood and eating it.  Seriously, his cherry colored drool covered his chin and had stained his onesie.  Luckily, his crib rails are versatile and can be flipped over so that this chewed portion is hidden by the mattress.  But I did not want this happening again, so I dug through the fabric I had on hand and sewed up a quick crib rail cover, using this tutorial.  It was pretty quick, I think it took me about three hours from start to finish, and it was really easy.  The most irritating/boring part was ironing and sewing all the ties, but really even that wasn't so bad.

The finished product is not perfect by any means, but I think it turned out pretty good under the circumstances, and I like how the fabric doesn't stand out too much but is still pretty adorable when you notice it, with the little red starts and mushrooms.

What do you think?  I thought the contrasting white thread would look cuter than it does, in hindsight I think I would have used red, but I'm still pretty happy with it.  And I cut out all the pieces to make another cover for the back rail but didn't have the patience to keep going and sew that one too.  Luckily he's only shown interest in the front rail thus far, but I know I need to get the other one finished soon.

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  1. The crib rail is cute :) Finn never chewed the crib but Iain was crazy about it, he figured out how to take the cover off, it was so bad we decided to not even keep the crib when we moved.

  2. How cute! And what a smart idea flipping it and making the cover-<3

  3. UD says you need to feed the poor kid.