Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear frosty morning, thank you for inspiring me to get a few winter decorations up.  After putting up the sticky snowflakes, I decided to get crafty and make some out of paper.  It was actually pretty therapeutic and I love to look up and see them there in the living room window.  Dear Steve, I was so thrilled to wake up this morning to you still being here!  It's still not sinking in that you have three days off (count them 3!) in a row this weekend and I am looking forward to soaking up all that time with you. I think Riggs is a little excited too.  Dear turkey, thank you for being there, in the back of the freezer at Fred Meyer just waiting for me to find you.  I have been searching and searching for the perfect size turkey, a little on the small side but not too teeny, and I was so happy to have found what I was looking for this morning.  Dear Riggs, you are the sweetest thing that could ever be and I just love squeezing you and kissing you.  That is all.  Dear Steve, speaking of shopping this morning, I did so b a b y  f r e e thanks to you. Goodness sakes I did not remember how fast it was to zip from store to store, without having to drag Riggs in and out of his carseat, nearly breaking my back and his little arms. Thank you!  Dear clear skies, you can go away now, I want snow!  Last year we already had like 20 inches of snow by now!  I need to get our family pictures taken and I would like there to be more than 1.3 inches of snow/dirt on the ground.  Dear Shaun T, you are the most inspiring trainer ever and I love spending 40 to 60 minutes with you six days a week.  I finished Insanity a few weeks ago and am happy to say I am now 7 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight, yay!  Thank you for sending me my t-shirt so fast, I am proud to wear it!

heck yes I earned it


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