Wednesday, November 28, 2012

oh, how pinteresting: Christmas decorations

Hello everyone!  It's Wednesday and I'm linked up again with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting.  Most people decorate their tree & home sometime between Thanksgiving and the middle of December, so I thought it'd be a good time to share my very favorite ideas this season when it comes to Christmas decorations.  Here we go!


#1 | I love the Nordic cottage feel that this room has, so cozy!

#2 | I love rustic Christmas decorations this year, and this simple pinecone garland is just perfect.  Plus it looks very easy to DIY!

#3 | This beautiful poinsettia pillow from Pottery Barn would be on my couch right now if it wouldn't clash so badly with the grey fabric.  I just love this, so pretty and simple.  

#4 | I am head-over-heels for the ruffled tree skirts I have seen all over Pinterest this season and this one is probably my favorite because of the burlap.

#5 | I love the idea of using vintage Christmas postcards in my decorating scheme somehow...this one adds a bit of  magic and whimsy that I think we all love to experience this time of year.

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

#6 | This mantle display is so beautiful and I love the flowers on the tree.

#7 | I have struggled with what to do with the photo cards I get each year (I'm not really a pictures-on-my-fridge-kind-of-girl) and this seems like the perfect solution.  I love the idea of keeping them all together and so easy to look through and enjoy.

#8 | I love the simple decorations on the bed frame plus we don't have a fireplace or woodstove in our home, so I also love this idea of having the stocking hanging on mom and dad's footboard, where the kids can come snuggle first thing on Christmas morning and open their stockings, then move onto the tree.

#9 | There's not much to say about this living room except that I love every single thing about it.

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

#10 | Veronika over at Veronika's Blushing made these beautiful ornaments this year and they look so beautiful yet sound so easy to make.  I love how easily you can customize them to match your theme as well.  And Christmas crafts are always a fun way to gather together as well.

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