Wednesday, November 14, 2012

oh, how Pinteresting

Hello everyone!  It's Wednesday and I'm linked up again with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting.  First I'll list my 5 favorite pins and then I'll list the top 3 repinned pins (I'm doing less this week because I just didn't pin very much while I was in Washington over the weekend).  Ok, ready? Go!


#1  Nightstand/Crate:  I love this idea so so much and was so happy to actually find an example of it on pinterest!  I have been trying to describe what I was thinking to Steve for months, and it's so much easier to just show him a picture.  I want one for our bedroom and for the living room.

#2  Essie Bobbing for Baubles:  I love everything about this color, it's perfect for winter.

#3 Kitchen idea:  I love the wood countertops and the black hardware, plus the white paneling and cabinets with beautiful glass panes.  So pretty and simple.

#4 Wrist decorations:  I love everything in this picture, Kate Spade, gold and lots of tiny sparkly diamonds...there's not really much to explain :)

#5 Rustic Wreath:  I love how simple and yet perfectly pretty this wreath is.  I am loving burlap in Christmas decorations this year and hope to incorporate it into my own decor as much as I can.
Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

:: top 3 repinned pins from last week ::

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I am loving the bow trend right now - so ladylike and pretty.

#2 & #3
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This is a picture of my blog friend Georgia's babies...Priya and Theo. It made me so happy to see this floating around on Pinterest!  She has an amazing blog with lots of beautiful pictures just like this :)
Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

I love the bunting on this tree (it even has some burlap - I told you I liked that trend!) it looks so cheerful and bright and homey.


  1. I love the nightstand crate, Rob and I talked about it-so glad we decided against it, Pixie isn't having to be crated at all any more and she is taller than my bellybutton now so it would have to be a dresser-lol

    1. Haha yes it definitely won't work with bigger dogs. I'm not even sure if it would work for Tutka's size, but I'm still going to look into it because it is so much more attractive than just the mesh kennel :)

  2. I love the crate too! I'm working on my bedroom and I was actually planning on doing something similar next to the bed - more like cute ruffley fabric wrapped around the sides with a panel of dark stained wood on top where I can put a lamp and tray and bedside type things. Thankfully Seamus and Ellie are both staying put at ~55 lbs after a year and half and they both still LOVE sleeping in the kennel at night (they switch off between it and a bed on the other side of our bed) with the door open and a big cushy bed inside. :)

  3. love the bracelets!

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