Wednesday, November 21, 2012

our first date and some funnies

Steve and I went on our first date together in 10 months on Sunday.  That's right, it was the first time we've gone out alone for a meal and some quality time together since Riggs was born.  We needed it more than I realized, it was so much fun!  We were planning on going to see Skyfall while my parents watched Riggs after church, but that didn't quite work out during the timeframe we had, so we headed downtown for lunch at Nordy's (my favorite) and some shopping.

We were mostly just browsing around to see what was new at Nordstroms and in the rest of the mall, but there were definitely a few things I had my eye on.  Like nearly all of the gorgeous jewelry at the Kate Spade counter.  I especially loved the little bow bracelets and the bright bangles, so pretty.  I also had my eye on the big, bright Pop phone plug-in for the iPhone.  When I first saw them, I thought they were a little dorky, but they've really grown on me and I think a pretty pink one might make it's way onto my Christmas list.

Steve was really getting a kick out of some of the men's watches, and I'll admit, a few of them were pretty dang silly, I mean they were huge (no offense meant if you or any man in your life happens to like the big, oversized style)!  I realize that men need bigger watches because they have bigger wrists, but these were the biggest watches I have every seen and personally I think that unless you were Shaquille O'Neal, they would look ridiculous.

 the face of this watch is seriously at least 3" wide - no joke

top: loft | pants: target | shoes: target | necklace: loft

I was happy because I got to wear some of my the items I purchased in Washington with my mom.  I did have a beautiful gold necklace on when I arrived at church earlier that morning, but after Riggs nearly ripped it off my neck I tucked it away in my purse and forgot to put it back on before I left for our date!  Oh well...

And now it's time to link up once again with Michelle from THE VINTAGE APPLE for Oh, How Pinteresting.  First I'll list my favorite pins and then I'll list my top 3 repinned pins from the past week.


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  1. I'm glad you had a night out!! Nordstrom cafe is my favorite too! So yummy. Hope you have a great thanksgiving weekend :)

    1. Thanks Laura! Nordstrom Cafe is just too good - I am always craving it :)

  2. I looooove that Mr. Darcy/Call Me Maybe one.

    1. Isn't that just the funniest?! Thanks for stopping by :)