Tuesday, November 13, 2012

weekend getaway recap

Steve was still at work when we left, so we had to say our goodbyes in the morning.
Usually Riggs doesn't wake up before Steve leaves,
but that day he did and so he actually got to see him for a moment.

I had such a great weekend with my mom and Riggs in Washington!  We all had such a good time, and I was also so happy to log some pretty serious shopping hours in each day.  I mean seriously, we spent five (5!) hours at Ikea on Friday.  Let me tell you, it was amazing!  

Anyone who lives down states will probably think my impression of Ikea is hilarious, but people, I'm from Alaska!  I had actually been once before when I was a lot younger but I didn't really remember anything about it.  The place was like the chocolate factory from Willy Wonka to me, each room you go into is just full of hundreds of wonderful little details that are so exciting and inspiring.  It's funny because I was really starting to run out of steam as we were going through the kitchen "showroom" area and I could smell the food and told my mom, "I'm glad we're almost done because I'm sooo hungry!"  She looked at me with this sneaky smile and was like, "Well, we can eat as soon as you want but we are only halfway through!"  I was shocked.  That place is ridiculous!  I still can't believe all the crazy cool things I saw there for ridiculously good prices.  If I lived anywhere near an Ikea I think my entire house would be like all the little showrooms they have there.

Riggs enjoying the Poang chair I got at Ikea
(yes, I set it up as soon as we got back to our house)
It was also fun to go down to the pool with Riggs and let him splash around in his little bee floaty that Beka got him.  He was crazy in there!  He was splashing non-stop and kicking his little legs trying to swim around on his own.  

All the shopping wore him out, but he did manage to hold tight to his Nordstrom balloon the entire time he slept.  It was so funny!  I am so proud of how Riggs did on the trip, he was such a trooper spending so much time in his stroller and carseat.  He spent most of the plane ride home in his grammie's lap, watching out the window or sleeping peacefully (after she sang to him, so sweet!).

I do have to mention though how glad I was to be back home.  Not because we didn't have fun, but because I just couldn't stand how crazy busy it was down there!  Holy cow there are just endless crowds of people everywhere and everyone just sort of keeps to themselves.  It is so weird how much friendlier most people are in Alaska (although I might be a little biased :).  And also, man do people like their chain restaurants down there!  I think I saw more restaurants in just the Southcenter shopping area than there are in the entire state of Alaska!  And they were all so busy and just full of people and all the food just seemed to be the same!  I need to actually spend some more time down there to find the good local places I guess, but they were hard to spot...

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  1. So happy you had fun :) Ikea is overwhelming even for those of us transplanted down here. I do have to say after our vsit to Anchorage last year I'm deffinately not a city person anymore it seemed way busy to me. I get ready to go to Seattle prepared for the rush, but we moved from Anchorage 300,000 population to Bonney Lake 17,000 population and I can comfortably say I'm never going back to the big city well for more than a visit. I do love the ballet and the museums :)