Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is Here!

November is here and I couldn't be happier.  I am always so relieved to get October over with and move onto my favorite two months of all time!  I can really get serious about planning for the holidays and I don't feel like I have to hide my Christmas spirit nearly as much.  One of the biggest things on my checklist right now is getting some family pictures taken for our Christmas cards.  I love Christmas cards and am always so excited to plan out what our card is going to look like, and then to sit down address all the envelopes, thinking of all my friends and family and what they're up to.  Also I just love Christmas stamps!

Right now I'm just waiting for a little more snow to take our pictures in (and for Steve to be off work at some point, it would be nice for him to be in our pictures lol).  I've figured out what Riggs and I are going to wear, and now I just need to brainstorm what Steve should wear!

I plan on wearing something like this.  I have the dress, scarf, belt, and jewelry.  I just need to figure out what boots to wear, how I want to do my hair, and whether or not I want to wear tights and if so what color.  Any ideas?
Riggs will be wearing some adorable clothes from babyGap.  I just need find a hat for him to wear.  I'm thinking of a knit hat with a pompom on top and I might even find some sort of scarf for him to wear...not sure about that yet though.

Any advice here would be helpful.  I want Steve's clothes to go along with the general colors but not to be to matchy-matchy.  He does have a really nice blue sweater from Gap that might work with maybe a collared shirt underneath and some brown cords to match Riggs.  But I'm not sure if them matching would look too weird.  And then I also wasn't sure if we should switch outfits one time or not.  So many decisions to make!

I'm also planning on taking some pictures of Riggs with some Christmas light in just a simple white onesie.  Like this, but without the santa hat:

So anyway that's all I've got today, please give me any ideas you have about our pictures!  And have a wonderful first day of November :)


  1. You should try some different hairstyles and take some pictures of yourself, then you can really evaluate what you like in how it looks and how confortable it is :)

  2. For a minute there I thought the Christmas hat was Steve's whole outfit....mind the in gutter as always...I think Riggs needs a newsboy hat with the stiff bring and slouchy front! Love your outfits, but not as much as I love you!!