Saturday, November 3, 2012

Land of Nod Holiday Collection

Last week when I picked up the mail at the post office, I was excited to see the Land of Nod holiday collection catalog.  I just love nearly everything they have for babies and kids, it is just all so adorable and well made.  If you have never seen their stuff, you really need to check them out!  There were some items that I just loved so much I wanted to share them here.

ornaments | 1. Baby's First Christmas Ornaments  2. Lisa Condgdon's Twelve Days of Christmas (hand painted!) Ornaments
3. Sequin Bow Ornaments 4. All the Colors of the Rainbow Ornaments 5. Globe Ornaments 6. Sequin Ornaments

stocking stuffers | 1. Incog-Neato Mustaches 2. I Spy Glass
3. Look Out Below Parachuter 4. Roy G. Biv Kaleidoscope 5. Mini Checkers 6. Magnetic Tins [Fairytales]

baby stocking stuffers | 1. Squirrel on a String 2. Skwish 3. Sophie the Giraffe 4. Baby Buff Rattle

I literally love all these things and I would buy them if some of them were more relevant (Riggs isn't quite old enough for some of them) and if I didn't already have some of them.  Riggs has Sophie and the Skwish and he loves both of them.  I just think that 'Baby Buff Rattle' is hilarious, especially for a pudgy little baby.  And I just love love love the ornaments - I just wish I had a huge mansion (just at Christmas - I wouldn't want to clean it the rest of the year lol) so that I could have a bunch of different Christmas Trees to decorate all with different themes.  I am thinking about doing a rustic theme this year, but it is so hard to not just buy every single ornament that I love!  I just have to keep reminding myself that then I would have a horribly mismatched and completely theme-less tree that looks like a 5 year old decorated it - ha.


disclaimer: I was not compensated in anyway to review or recommend these particular items and this review is based completely on my personal opinions.


  1. You are right, what a great assortment! You should google some Christmas stores for this next weekend!

  2. Hi Whitney! I am soo happy to have found your blog today! I also live in Alaska and have been trying to find other Alaskan bloggers! I love your blog. Your baby boy is PRECIOUS!!! Excited to catch up and continue reading more & happy to be a new follower here! I blog at love for you to stop by sometime :) Have a great day!!!