Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girdwood Getaway

This weekend has been a blast! Steve and I headed to Girdwood to stay at the Hotel Alyeska for the weekend, and it has been so relaxing. Steve has been at Avalanche School both days, while I have been lounging around doing homework and daydreaming. I arrived at the Hotel yesterday with Kelsey and the boys; we swam the afternoon away and then waited for Steve to get back from Turnagain Pass for dinner. After dinner, K and the boys headed back to Anchorage while Steve and I headed down to the health spa to enjoy the sauna and the hot tub. The sauna was AMAZING. Funny thing is, we were both so tired that we were asleep by 10! But we slept so soundly that we were actually happy to get up at 7 so Steve could hit the road by 8 headed for Turnagain. I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Pond Cafe, and will spend the rest of the afternoon doing homework! It is starting to snow and is so peaceful here. Hope everyone else's weekend was good and included at least a few moments of peace :)
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