Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day

Today has been pretty fun, so I'm feeling even more optimistic about 2011 :) I took down Christmas decorations in the morning, which felt good. I'm the kind of person who puts them up super early and get all my enjoyment out of the build up to Christmas Day, and am therefore ready to take them down as soon as the big day has passed. But back to today...

The rest of the morning and afternoon were spent working on our house plans together, which has been really fun yet also an exercise in patience. We both have many ideas that we want to incorporate into the plans, but not all can fit in our little place. We are trying to be painstakingly thoughtful in setting up the place, since storage and layout are even more important in small places, so the going is slow, but it is exciting to think we may be able to begin this building project winter 2011. I just cannot wait to be in our own home!

We went to the Alaska Zoo this afternoon with Kelsey, John and the kids, which was a blast, as usual (despite Noah's tears, which are usually crocodile tears :) Here is a nice collage from our time there:

Hope your new year is going well thus far, and if you have any good floor plan ideas for a teeny place, be sure to let me know! Here is one of my favorite ideas thus far that I found on Google:

The only difference is I want the bottom area for trays to be a slide out...what do you think?

ps one of my "resolutions" is to blog more, so hopefully I will be posting at least twice a week from now on...

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