Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simple Women's Daybook

January 11

Outside my window.... everything has been blanketed in a thick layer of ice crystals and it is beautiful!  Steve is outside getting some projects done as well, and every so often I see him crunchy by the window in his insulated coveralls, black knit hat, and leather gloves.  

here is an example of the ice covering everything, from my walk with Beau earlier today

I am thinking...that there is still some ice cream in the fridge!  Also wishing to read the perfect fiction book, but cannot find it :(

I am thankful for... the beautiful earth God created for us to enjoy.  

From the learning rooms...and the reading begins again!  My classes are as follows:  ED230 - Introduction to Educational Technology, ED304 - Literature for Children and Young Adults, ED320A - Art in K-8 Curriculum, ED320B - Physical Education in the K-8 Curriculum, ED320C - Music in the K-8 Curriculum, ED333 The Learner and the Learning Process, INTL315 - Canada:  Nation and Identity, PSY111 - General Psychology.  Lots of reading for this semester, but I'm thrilled to be finally learning how to be a teacher :)

I am wearing...wool leggings, a Sporthill hoodie, and wool REI socks.  

I am remembering...how good all the books I read as a kid were!

I am going...to work on homework as soon as I'm done writing this blog post

I am creating...not much of anything today

I am reading... Holes, by Louis Sachar, which is required for my Children's Literature class, as well as all my other required reading.

I am hoping... for a smooth and enjoyable semester.  Also to someday learn French (silly, I know)

I am hearing... Loreena McKennitt

On my mind...I am very concerned about staying organized this semester.  Nearly all my classes are online, so I have a lot of different due dates, check in days/times, ect. and I would really like to stay on top of it.  Also getting my application in for the Masters of Teaching program at UAS, and making sure everything checks out for graduating on May 1.  

From the Kitchen... homemade Shepard's Pie

One of my favorite things... good music, a good book, and feeling the warmth of the sun when it is only 18 degrees out.

A few plans for the week... making it through my first week of class.  Ladies Bible study on Thursday.  Getting outside, whether it be through taking photos, skiing, anything to get some fresh air and exercise.

Photos of the day, from my afternoon walk on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail:

Mt. Susistna, or Sleeping Lady

Beau enjoying the bench at the Lagoon

getting my Vitamin D

Flight patterns...

Some tripod experimentation

Fog rolling in at the Lagoon

crescent moon


  1. 1. I love crescent moon. Print quality. What new camera did you get?!
    2. French is never silly.
    3. Thumbs up for Loreena McKennitt
    4. Holes... I must reread that. I read it all in one day in sixth grade during summer and can't remember anything about it but apparently it was really good.
    5. I'm reading Never Let Me Go. It's probably not the perfect fiction book and I haven't yet finished it so I can't say exactly how it is but I can say it is very interesting and a quick read.
    Stay warm up there :)

  2. ohhh Jealous of your walk wish I could have gone with you!!