Friday, January 28, 2011

Dragons or Dinosaurs?

Steve and I watched a really good movie that other day that I wanted to share.  We were just browsing through Netflix instant watch on our PS3 and came across this movie in the documentary category.  I love learning about both dragons and dinosaurs, so I eagerly clicked on this one and sat in anticipation as it started to play.  I had no idea that it was a Christian documentary, that was mentioned no where in the description.

Dragons or Dinosaurs
(I guess if I would have looked at the picture close enough I would have seen the "Creation or Evolution", but I was not paying that close of attention)
If you want to do some serious thinking and be shocked by some crazy information, be sure to watch this or check out their website.  I think this movie has many good points, and the variety of art by cultures around the world really amazed me.  How could dinosaurs not have been alive when humans were, they were sculpting and drawing animals that look exactly like dinos!  Also, for those of you with kids, there is a free study guide and coloring book on their website.

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  1. I watched this today and I have to agree with you! It was great!