Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Reading and Good Eating...

I am getting sick.  I knew it was inevetable, since everything else about the beginning of this semester is going so well, so I am not too surprised.  My eyes are achy and itchy, my nose is plugged one moment, running uncontrollably the next, and my throat is raw, though I continue to cough and make it worse.  Yay!  Today is the only day each week that I work the floor at REI (interact with customers rather than unloading the new shippment and stocking it) and of course I barely have a voice at all.  We will have to see how that goes.

In other news, I have been reading children's literature since the beginning of the semester for one of my classes, and have about 45 more titles to read.  It is so fun!  I forgot how good so much of it is, and it gives me some fiction to read/reread while still technically doing homework!  Love it!  Currently I am reading Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott.

Little Women is the first actual novel written for children in the United States that became a classic piece of literature.  I am embarrassed to say that although I have seen the movie, I do not believe I have ever read the book.  This has been the case with a few books so far, including Charlotte's Web.  Who did not read Charlotte's Web as a child?!  In the case of both books it hampers my excitement to start the books, because I think I know the story, but then once I start reading I am drawn into the story and able to imagine it my own way without the movie characters getting in the way.

For any of you wanting for something to read, I highly recommend going back and reading some children's literature.  I am compiling a list of Newberry winning, Honor mentioned, and otherwise just good old children's books from all the way back to 1922.  When it is done, I will post it on this blog.  For now, I'll include a list of what I have read so far, hopefully peaking your interest to read one or two of them, or to read  them out loud to your kids.  With the exception of Little Women, all the books I have listed today would be great for read aloud to kids 4 and up.

Children's Literature Completed Thus Far:

1.  Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White

This one surprised me with how meaningful the story is and how inspiring the characters are.  If you have not read this as an adult, you must!  But bring tissues, it is a tear jerker!

2.  Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM, by Robert C. O'Brien

Again, this is a story that I first experienced through the movie based on the book, The Secret of NIHM.  But the book is so much fun to read, in fact there were points when I literally could not put it down!

3.  Holes, by Louis Sachar

This book I actually read before I saw the movie, but I reread it anyway - it is always a good read.

4.  The Indian in the Cupboard, by Lynne Reid Banks

This one I haven't reread yet (need to find a copy - Titlewave doesn't have it), but I remember loving it when I was in elementary school.

And those are what I have read (or need to get read up on soon).  Charlotte's Web, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM, and Holes, are all excellent read aloud books, so for those of you with kids, try it out!


  1. I forgot to mention the good eating part! Our Full Circle order comes in tomorrow, and I am DYING of excitement! I'll be sure to post some pictures to share and make you all jealous :)

  2. I love children's lit!! Also, YA lit has some amazing stuff. I would pick up books that my students were reading when I was teaching... good stuff and quick to read!

  3. I remember reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and just being totally immersed in it - don't remember how old I was, but it was one of that really got me.

  4. Oh I LOVED Indian in the cupboard!! I should go back and reread the others too. Great post!