Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Extreme Couponing"

Have any of you seen the TLC show "Extreme Couponing"? It is crazy! I had never even heard about it until today, but I guess it has been on for at least a few months. I just saw an episode in which a women went to Kroger and purchased $1175 worth of stuff, but only paid $50 something!!!! I'm still watching and now there is a lady who digs through trash to find more coupons. Her garage is FULL of food and laundry detergent and anything you could think of. I don't understand. Usually the stuff there is coupons for I don't even like, so they never really work for me. But these people plan their LIVES around coupons. Wierd! Do any of you notice a large savings on coupons? Maybe I should be paying more attention to the coupons available...hmmm...
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  1. lol....I think your phone auto-corrected on you...can you see where? Some stuff I always check for coupons, other things, not so much. I know Jenny (our cousin) is a big coupon user!

  2. Sadly, there are few coupons for things we eat since we try not to eat a lot of processed foods. I know you can save a lot of money using coupons, but I would rather eat fresh food... I wish there were more cheese coupons. I love cheese.

  3. Like Sally said, the majority of coupons are for processed foods. Now, on cleaning stuff there are some pretty good deals out there. But it's food that I could really use the help with. I just wait for sales mostly. And, cooking from scratch is less expensive anyway :)