Tuesday, September 30, 2014

currently {vol. 5}

t h i n k i n g  | |  about what we have planned for today and hoping I don't forget something. I feel like every time I leave the house I forget one major errand or item from the store that I specifically needed to do. two kids has wreaked havoc on my brain, I swear!

r e a d i n g  | |  blessed is she devotions every morning after they've been delivered to my email inbox. ladies...these are so encouraging and the one form of devotions I've been consistent on since having kids. first thing in the morning while I'm still cozy in bed I can pull out my bible from my nightstand, open my email, and nourish my soul. I've never needed my time with God more than since I've had kids. I beg for his strength every morning so that I can make it through the day with my babies, and make it through with patience and love rather than exasperation and frustration.

d o i n g  | |  getting into sewing projects and loving it. it feels so good to be back at the sewing table. this week I got fabric for drool scarves/bibs for Raina and infinity scarves for Riggs in beautiful fall flannels and some quilted fabric to make into a stroller blanket for Raina. next on the list? finally sewing the binding on Raina's quilt and finishing a fall maple-leaf quilt I started years ago.

e n j o y i n g  | |  the beautiful fall we've been enjoying up here in Alaska. I know winter is coming quickly too, yesterday it rained at our house, a cold rain - only about 40 degrees. And when the low clouds cleared and the rain stopped, there was snow on Pioneer Peak. Enjoying the crispy fall air while it lasts.

t h a n k f u l  | |  for the wonderful weekend with family and friends we had - birthday parties and church and (nearly) childless lunch dates with friends. for Steve working so hard to provide for us even though I miss him desperately. for apple crisp, warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. for my sweet and loving babies who make my heart overflow with love and drive me slightly crazy at the same time.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I love the fabric you're sewing - gorgeous! And it has to be absolutely normal to forget things EVERY time you leave the house with two kids, because if not, then I'm crazy too. :)

    Thanks for the link to the devotional! I'm going to try it - I struggle so much at keeping up with a daily devotion plan. Maybe this will be the one.

  2. Look at all those dreamy fall colors! I also have to say how impressed and inspired I am at how well you seemed to have done with the transition to two children. I hope you'll write a post about how you survived that initial time and any tips to getting life back into a new routine and groove.

  3. I am loving the fall right now, today as I was driving I saw snow on the mountains and thought....yep its coming. haha! But man it is gorgeous out right now!

  4. Adorable adorable children! Raina is getting so big! Those last 2 pictures...gorgeous. I'm jealous you get to look at that view every day. You should make a Life Alaskan Style calendar with all your beautiful pictures!

  5. Ah I love your photos. Such sweet babies. I wish I could squeeze them!! I live in Texas and its a high of 91 today...so I'm living "Fall" through your beautiful blog :)

  6. I love all the beautiful photos, they are just GORGEOUS! Missing Alaska right now. Hoping to go back in the next few years. It is definitely fall here. Chilly & rainy here today. BRRRR
    Stopping by from the Currently link up ~Becky with Choose Happy~