Thursday, September 11, 2014

toddler soccer practice

Saturday Riggs had his first day of Soccer. It's his first organized anything other than nursery and library group so I was pretty nervous about how it would go. Luckily my friend Nancy and her adorable son Griffin were in our class too. I put Riggs in the 18-30m class even though he's just a little over 2.5 now so that he could ease into a class like this. If he needs to we'll transfer him up to the 2.5-3.5 year old class later. 

Just seeing his little uniform laying out the night before made me just about die of cuteness. Then when he put it on with his tiny little soccer socks and everything? heart. melted. I wish I could say my heart was just bursting with happiness during the class, but that would be a lie. It was pure craziness at first, with lots of toddlers and even more parents and grandparents milling around and soccer balls everywhere.

Riggs was definitely overwhelmed at all the people, and quickly proceeded to grab a soccer ball from the ground and cling to it for dear life. When the class started, we were supposed to go sit in a circle and sit quietly while the ball was passed around to introduce each child. Cue mass crying each time the ball had to be taken passed from one child and given to the next. Of course Riggs didn't want to sit still for this, and he didn't want to do the little stretches they did after that too. But then he warmed up and had a great time. I'm excited for next week and especially excited for when Steve will be able to come and I can just watch on the sidelines with Raina ;)


  1. Lil kickers...I love it!!! Our division for the little ones is "soccer tots." LOL

  2. Oh goodness, how absolutely adorable!!!