Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Raina: two month update

I feel like over the last two weeks Raina has become a real baby and has lost nearly all of her new-baby-ness. It is so much fun! She smiles and coos and happily stays awake for close to an hour now just looking around and waving her dimpled little fists in the air. We are so in love with her it's not even funny.

This month she started rolling from her belly to her back for the first time and now we have to be very careful where we put her down. I'm not ready for the mobile stage, haha. I was taking her two month pictures and when I tried to get some picks of her on her belly she just kept rolling over. Then I tried to video her rolling over and she wouldn't, of course.

She had her first bonfire over labor day weekend but slept through most of it in the K'tan with my sister. Speaking of the k'tan, which I love, I'm thinking of also picking up a ring sling soon for her, since she's just like Riggs and doesn't enjoy being confined in the k'tan unless she's sleeping. I don't think she likes being pressed up against me, she wants to look around! So I think the ring sling would be perfect for that. Plus who am I kidding, they're so gorgeous and are kind of like a weird fashion accessory too. I love this gorgeous blue Sakura Bloom version, here.

Raina is growing, but not nearly as fast as Riggs did (see a comparison of their stats, here). Especially not her feet. I don't think they've grown at all in the last month, so tiny! Tiny 0-3m shoes are big on her. Her size 1 moccs can easily be kicked off. As much as I adore her narrow little feet, I want them to groooowwww, because I have so many cute little shoes for her to wear! 

feet in middle are this month, cutout feet are at one month. no growth at allllll.
She is up to 13lbs 6oz (90th%) and 23.5 inches long (74th%). She wears 0-3m clothes still although we can do some 3-6m items depending on the cut (they're still baggy but in a cute way ha). She wears size one diapers during the day and size 2 at night. She is a great little sleeper, usually going down for the night around 8:30-9:30 and sleeping until at least 1 before waking up to eat again, then usually until 4:30 or 5, then sleeping until 7:30 to wake up, get diaper change and dressed then down for nap again. What a life, I wish I was getting that much sleep!! Since night is my only time truly to myself, I typically stay up reading or scrolling through my favorite iPhone apps until 11:30 or 12.

We've settled into life with two kids remarkably well, and I can't imagine life without our sweet baby girl in it. She is such a happy little thing, and loves to watch whatever we are doing with a sweet smile on her face. 


  1. LOVED getting to spend time with my darlings today! Can't believe how big Raina is getting already but I am so enjoying the snuggle time!!!

  2. She is so adorable!! I love that little smile--melts your heart!

  3. She is absolutely perfect!! What a smile :D

  4. She really is the most precious little thing!!!

  5. Look at all those smiles!!! She is just too cute!

  6. She is so sweet! And you take such nice pictures! I have a K'tan and I love it, but now that I'm pregnant again we all don't fit in it. Haha. I have a Maya Wrap ring sling and we use it a lot! They are so beautiful, but now I'm in love with those Sakura ones!

  7. I've drooled over those ring slings for so long, but was always afraid to invest in something I wasn't sure I'd like! They're so beautiful though!

    I'm glad to hear you're rocking to the two kids thing pretty well too. :) She's just beautiful and I'm sure she brings you so much joy.