Thursday, July 17, 2014

taking stock | 2

Making: myself stop thinking of how summer is almost over and fall is slowly creeping up. I love fall, but I want to savor every second of this summer and the newborn stage (which always goes by so incredibly fast). 
Cookingthis roast for dinner, if I can manage to work up the motivation.
Drinking: lots and lots of water, as always.
Reading: Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll. Won't be winning any awards any time soon but it's very entertaining, and it's long so it won't be over too quick. Plus there's a sequel, yay. Definitely worth the 3.50 in credit I had at the local bookstore
Wanting: to be able to start jogging. I'm not going to call it running at this point, it will definitely be more in the jogging realm for at least a few weeks. But now that I have the stroller, I just have to wait for my body to heal. Mentally I'm so ready!
Looking: at my Raina's beautiful face as she sleeps in my arms. she's already growing so fast, I feel like even if I stared at her all day and night, I'd miss something. 

Playing: the abcs with Riggs...he asks me 'what's this' for every letter in his abc puzzle before putting them in the right spot. he calls it his 'a-b-c-c-s' haha. 
Listening: The Honey Trees new album Bright Fire, Raina's heavy breathing while she naps, and Riggs talking to himself while he finishes another puzzle. 
Wasting: time blogging when I should be sewing the binding on Raina's quilt. but sometimes it's just so nice to escape to my little blog space on a quiet, gray morning like today. 
Sewing: said binding on said quilt. it's a twin size quilt...not sure it will be done this week like I'd hoped!

Wishing: there was more time in the day, or at least that I had more energy during the evening hours when Riggs is tucked away in bed. 
Enjoying: my one-on-one time with Riggs during breakfast each day while Raina sleeps in. I treasure 'alone' time with him so much now that my attention is divided so much of the day. 
Liking: the cloudy weather today. I've been in the mood for rain lately so that would be nice too...
Loving: How thoughtful and gentle Riggs has been towards his sister so far. My heart grows everyday watching his spontaneous displays of affection towards her. Also, Tutka still isn't quite sure about her and all the squeaky little noises she makes, but he's slowly warming up. 

Hoping: for some quality time alone with my mister this weekend. on his one day off, during which we also have church, a massage (for him) and both kids plus the dog. maybe that quality time will have to wait till he's a little less busy at work...
Needing: to get out of this chair, head outside, pack the kids in the stroller and stretch my legs around the neighborhood
Following: this developing story and feeling sick about the unrest that seems to be so widespread throughout the world lately. 
Knowing: that God is in control despite how crazy things seem to get sometimes.
Thinking: about how excited I am for my baby shower tomorrow night. so thankful to have a church family that cares so much about me and my little family.
Feeling: very blessed.

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  1. I love all these pictures! And these posts in general! I hope you guys have fun at the baby shower :)

  2. I love that you are soaking up every little moment with your newborn. Such a special time. :)

  3. What great pics of Riggs with his baby sister! So darn sweet!

  4. I always love looking at your beautiful photos, they're so peaceful. Okay you have to stop making everything sound so good, you're giving me baby fever. I'm missing those days right now reading your post! You look amazing too btw.

  5. Love this post! Your photos are beautiful. Soak it up!

  6. your children are precious!!! Your photos are beautiful!!!

  7. I'm beggggging fall to hurry up!