Wednesday, July 9, 2014

one week

It's been seven whole days, one short week, since our Raina was born. I just hate how fast time goes. We have been enjoying her so very much since she graced us with her presence. It's amazing how even when they're very new, little bits and pieces of their personality peek through in those short waking moments between the hours of sleeping and nursing.

My mom has been staying with us since Raina was born, and we were so sad to see her go back home today. It seems silly since she only lives about an hour away, but it was wonderful to have her with us all day every day for a week! We were already beginning to miss her as she was pulling out of our driveway.

my mom with her grandbabies this morning before she left.
we love you mama, thank you so much for taking care of us!

I haven't gotten around to typing up Raina's birth story yet, but I will soon. I need to before I start forgetting little things about that day. I have so many pictures to share too, just not much time to be on the computer! I actually think I'll have more time now that my mom is gone, since I wanted to soak up every minute with her even when the kids were both sleeping. Right now baby girl 'naps' (one of many) when Riggs does, hopefully that will continue so I have some baby-free time to blog!

Riggs has been so sweet so far to his baby sister, no jealousy at all (yet). He has definitely wanted his mama a little more than usual but with Steve and my mom home over the long weekend he got plenty of extra attention.

We went to the pediatrician for her first appointment yesterday and she's already up to 8 lbs 9 oz, little piggy! She only went down to 7 lbs 14 oz the day after she was born and then my milk came in that night so I figured she'd start gaining quick, just like Riggs. Her little umbilical cord fell off yesterday too, and all these changes remind me again of just how lightening fast they really do grow. Just another reason why being a mama is so bittersweet, at least for me. 

After her appointment I decided to get a Costco trip in while my mom was there to help me. It was so nice to have her help but I did get a little taste of what it will be like with two kids...pretty crazy! I think snacks for Riggs will be pretty essential to successful Costco trips for a while ha. We weren't even there for that long and I nursed Raina in the food court (classy) and in one of the sample recliners (double-classy ha).

Other than our whirlwind day yesterday we've mostly just been spending time at home enjoying every squeak and squirm from our little Raina and having visitors who want to meet our little princess.

my nephews finally got to meet Raina and Noah was happy to hold her - Corbin said he would next time :)
I found this old picture of Noah holding Riggs and had to compare the sweet! 

mornings have looked like this lately:
movie in bed for Riggs while Raina sleeps & mama
brushes teeth and dresses/changes to different pjs ha 


  1. Ohhh she's so precious!! I love all the pics, especially the ones with Riggs. Congratulations!

  2. So, so precious. This makes me want a newborn again. So glad your mom could visit!

  3. She is so stinkin' precious! I love following you on instagram and seeing little pictures of her! I typed up my birth story and was so glad I did so I could look back at it. You still have time, no worries :)

  4. so cute! Can't believe it's been a week!

  5. Oh Whitney, you're making me want to have another little baby in the house! I remember those days of changing from one pair of pjs to a clean set during the newborn period, haha! I also remember when my MIL went home after the first week and it was a little sad, even though she's only 30 minutes away. So happy to relive all of these memories vicariously through you :) Glad to hear you guys are doing so well!

  6. Thanks Whitney! We are just so in love! After a crazy busy weekend I'm determined to type it up this week!!

  7. me either and now I can't believe you're gone :( so glad you got to see both my babies new new new! xoxo

  8. They are so sweet and I just love feeling like everything else can wait because they're only so new for such a short time! We are doing very well but I've been missing my blog and reading every one else's! Happy for things to be getting back to normal a bit and catch up on what I've been missing...