Wednesday, July 30, 2014

four weeks | newborn photos

Raina is four weeks old today, how did that happen? To celebrate I'm sharing her newborn portraits here this morning. We still need to get some group/family shots but I'm almost thinking of waiting on those until she's a little more awake and able to hold her head up for long periods of time. And then we can use whatever we get for our Christmas card too.

I've taken so many pictures of her during her first couple of weeks of life and am thankful I was able to find time to plan and take some more formal portraits myself this time around. They're not perfect but they are good enough and I'm very happy with them.

Happy four weeks Raina Grace, we love you!

Sadie Sky Boutique


  1. Thanks Kelsey, I have so many more ideas I wish I had time/patience to try...trying to 'plan' a time to get actual posed sibling shots is a nightmare! haha

  2. Aw these are wonderful! No need to have someone else do your pictures at all. I loved all of these <3 Can't believe she is already one month old!

  3. I adore them ALL! I see nice big colorful canvases on your walls! :)

  4. Beautiful! One of my favorite shots of my kiddos when they were little (14 mo and 2 mo) was one of big sis kissing a sleeping little sis. Sibling portraits are hard with a newborn!

  5. oh the little blue bow! I die! the cute! They are all beautiful!