Friday, July 25, 2014

happy weekend!

We're deep into July and summer time activities are thick for everyone right now. My nephew went to summer camp this week (his first time) and I was wishing I could go with him! I day dream about cozy plaid flannel sleeping bags, campfires, and light rain lulling me to sleep at night.

But for now I'm enjoying watching the rain fall from my armchair with a baby in my lap and another baby snug in his bed for the afternoon. A perfect time to share some of my favorite things from around the web this week. 

ONE | this cottage garden is perfect in it's own helter-skelter way. I am aching to add more flowers 
and plants to my yard. The bag of wildflower seeds I 'planted' (I used that word lightly, 'dumped'
would be much more fitting) near our front porch flourished beautifully and for that I am thankful. 

TWO | I think I need this necklace. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I first pinned it.

THREE | berry crisp. I will be making this and eating it warm from the
oven with a scoop of Tillamook old fashioned vanilla. It will be perfect.

FOUR | I am in love with this family photo, in fact the entire shoot is just breathtaking.
I love the idea of fall photos on an chilly day with each family member thoroughly 
bundled up and especially the blanket wrapped around the toddler. It's truly perfect.

FIVE | I told you I've been dreaming about summer camp and camping and 
lakes and camp fires and staying up late enough to maybe see the stars. This
adorable little painting just further fuels my little daydreams.

Here is a great blog post about camping with babies.

Parenting 'norms' seem to have changed from when we were kids and I tend to agree with this article that the old norms were probably better.

I made these pancakes earlier this week and they were amazing; we had them for breakfast and then ate the leftovers for dinner too.


  1. Love this! and I'm with you! I wish I could go to summer camp and tell stories by the campfire and go canoeing on the lake! And, the berry cobbler - YUM!!

  2. Great list!! Are you going to share your newborn shots of Raina? :)

  3. You can't be the rain; seriously, it's my FAV!

  4. That family photo is beautiful! BEAUTIFUL. And I'm not complaining about the rain! Makes me feel like "home." :)

  5. If only they made camp for adults! haha ;)

  6. soon hopefully, I've slowly been editing them as I have time. I still need to get group shots, ugh time is just ticking away!!

  7. so weird, it is by FAR my favorite weather, other than maybe a nice snowstorm :)

  8. I love it too, I just want a family session exactly like that!!!!! So glad I'm not alone in my enjoyment of the rain!