Friday, August 30, 2013

chicken update!

my sweet Elizabeth
It's only been a few weeks that we've had the chickens here, but I feel like they've been here forever. They are so easy, and I'm excited because they are getting to know me better. They come running up whenever I go out to the coop now, swoon! The two Buffs are much more curious and will come right up to me, but they don't want to be touched our held, at all. The Australorp pullets are turning out to be so sweet, especially Elizabeth. She is by far my favorite of the four, such a sweetie! She lets me pet her and hold her in my lap, and she always comes to the sound of my voice.

They're all pretty scared of Riggs. If he gets near the coop they keep their distance from him. I can't wait to order some chicks that we can raise by hand, cuddling and loving on them all the time so they're used to us and aren't scared of poor Riggy, who is so so so in love with the 'caw-caws', as he calls them.

After they had been here for two weeks, I opened the partition part of their coop so that they can free range out in the fenced yard during the day. You should have seen them when they first were out there! They explored the entire yard and then got around to scratching and hunting for bugs. It just makes my heart so happy to see them out in the yard, enjoying the sun and exploring around.

It's so nice have fresh eggs, I just can't get over it. Only Clucky has been laying for the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure what's up with Duchess, she's moulting so maybe that's it. I'm the most novice bird owner ever so any insight would be helpful.

can you spot the difference between my eggs
and the organic ones I bought from the store?
Yesterday was a very hard day, but there was one very special moment that brightened my afternoon and evening immensely and still has me smiling...this teeny tiny egg was there in the nesting box when I went to collect! One of my pullets is laying! I am so excited to have more than one fresh egg every day and a half, you have no idea. And the cuteness factor of the tiny egg is just off the charts. I mean seriously!

We'll see what changes winter will bring, but for now my recommendation is, get chickens! They are incredibly low maintenance and they are so fun to have around. If you've wanted them but are intimidated by the whole process of getting started, I promise you, it is so incredibly easy once you've got everything set up. A good coop and run, some food and water, and you're set!


  1. That's so awesome, what breed of chickens are they? I'm dreaming of raising some in the future!

  2. You should check out my friend Maggie's blog.

    She lives in rural Eastern Washington and raises chickens, grows and cans her own food, etc. I think you guys would really click.

    -Andrea :)