Monday, August 5, 2013

a tale of four chickens

I spent nearly the entire weekend preparing for, welcoming, and observing chickens. 

We have wanted to add some chickens to our 'homestead' ever since we first moved in, and we finally got around to actually doing so. Our 'flock' consists of one Buff Orpington, one Buff Orpington-mix, and two Black Austrolorp pullets. Let me introduce you to them:

Duchess just had to be named something regal, as she really is such a beauty. Although I admit 'Clucky' is a very unglamorous name, she just had to be called Clucky, as she is so very vocal, always cawing and clucking at something.

I always find it funny when people name their chickens after their favorite literary characters and having recently re-read Pride and Prejudice it was only fitting to name the other two Elizabeth and Jane. Also Elizabeth (the chicken) is quite haughty and somewhat self-absorbed, where as Jane is very sweet and simple, so the names really do fit ;)

We had our first egg bright and early in the morning on their second day, and my goodness I was excited about it! The pullets aren't quite laying yet but they should be any day now, so I'm on the look out for little baby-sized eggs. In a way it was somewhat anticlimactic to finally have the chickens home and in their temporary enclosure* after all the build-up of preparations. They are so very easy and just walk around their bit of yard eating bugs and dandelion leaves.

Saturday afternoon Riggs and I watched them for hours (I even pulled up a camp chair), we were just so intrigued by their movements and how they interacted. Sunday we had lots and lots of chores to get done since it was Steve's only day off, so there was less chicken watching. But they were never far from my mind, and you can bet I went and checked on them many more times than was actually necessary; also I just might have laid in bed wide awake much longer than I should have that first night worrying about how the girls were doing in their new home. So much excitement over chickens!

*Steve has the master plans tucked away in his mind and the supplies needed to build their permanent coop, now all he needs is the time! As long as it's done before the snow flies all will be well...


  1. I can't wait to read more Adventures of the Chickens...

  2. Just found your blog through a link party @ Root and Blossom. I'm excited to follow your adventures with the chickens. We live down in Washington state and I have been trying to convince my husband to let us have chickens. :)

  3. I will be excited to hear how they turn out and the kind of special Alaska style care they will need this winter. My little family is planning on moving out to Eagle River or Chugiak in the next year or two (from Anchorage) and I would love to embrace a more homestead style life. Chickens are on my list!

  4. We have a Buff Orpington and she is our favorite! And the best layer we have too.

  5. @Andrea - glad you stopped by! so far the chickens are so easy! you should definitely get some!

    @Amy - it's definitely going to be a learning experience for us, but luckily we have lots of friends and neighbors who are experts!

    @Andrea - the Buffs are so funny, they are definitely friendly and full of personality!