Friday, August 9, 2013

random recommendations for hungry people who like to read books

the title says it all. for some reason I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week and I thought I'd do a quick show and tell. don't you miss show and tell? I do. I've been so nostalgic about my school years ever since I saw the 'back-to-school' stuff all set up in Fred Meyer a week or two ago. I miss school! 

 picture one:
baking took over the whole island
Riggs colored happily the whole time (thank you Riggy!)
 picture two:
(i added the crumble topping)
sooooo good
I've made two batches this week
 picture three:
ridiculous. especially warm with ice-cream.
[in the background there is
a cornbread-ish concoction
I made for the chickens]

1. really yummy snacks from costco - the entire bag was gone within a week
2. The Raven's Gift by Don Rearden - such a good book, really quick too. perfect for summer!
Conspiracy theories, scary epidemic, winter in bush Alaska, spirituality and love
all woven into one amazing book.

lastly a photo of my morning snuggles with this handsome lad
so warm and cozy

I truly hope you've had a lovely week and that you enjoy your Friday immensely! 


  1. I've wanted to try those thins from costco! And I need to read that book- glad you posted it so if I forget the title I can look here- love tutka and riggy and you <3

  2. @Rebekah - definitely get them! they are so so good. I never would have gotten them but they were one of the samples so I actually got to try them! And Riggs likes them too:) xoxo