Saturday, August 10, 2013

rainy-day date with my little gent

We woke up to pouring rain this morning, and I was so happy to dress both Riggs and I in our fall layers of thick cotton and wool. Wearing a scarf felt so cozy and fall-like, just perfect. After a quick breakfast Riggs and I headed to Anchorage for a fun morning together at the Anchorage Museum. I've mentioned before how much we love our visits to the Museum, and there was something extra special about visiting on a rainy day.

The older Riggs gets the more fun he seems to have when we visit. He's able to actually do more of the activities. And he seems to take more in, watching the fish as they swam back and forth and looking closely at some of the paintings in the galleries with me.

We both started to get a little hungry so we finished up in the children's museum and headed over to Muse, the cafe inside the Musuem. Our food was delicious as usual and it wasn't very busy so that was a nice treat too.

On the drive home Riggs feel asleep and I listened to some good music and thought about lots of different things. I love the drive from Anchorage - it's so beautiful and traffic isn't as bad past Eagle River and it's the way home. The Old Glenn was beautiful in the rain and I couldn't help but stop to take a few pictures of the clouds resting low in the trees.

It was a lovely Saturday despite the fact that we missed Steve while he was at work, but we're looking forward to a nice day together tomorrow. Happy weekend!

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  1. Love your pictures Whitney! I'm a little jealous of your coolish rainy weather. It's been so hot and dry here in Fairbanks that our leaves are already turning.