Wednesday, August 14, 2013

muddy day at the farm

We have been enjoying weekly trips to the u-pick farm down the road from our house. There are so many good things about visiting the farm: enjoying time outside in a beautiful setting, acquiring the experience of harvesting our own food, gaining the health benefits of eating such fresh veggies, and being able to support local business and agriculture.

Riggs loves to sit on the ground and run
his fingers through the dirt while I pick the veggies

It was very muddy on the path between the fields and
poor Riggs tripped over the uneven ground and fell right into
a large mud-puddle. you would think he would have enjoyed
getting a little dirty, but he was not impressed.

After we had paid for our harvest we stripped him down
in the bed of the truck and he had fun pretending to be a puppy
in Tutka's kennel. So silly!
Another benefit of visiting the farm?
It just wears Riggs out!
He lounged on the airbed (still up from visiting family)
for most of the afternoon and early evening.

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  1. Ilove that you are soooo close to the u-pick place...but am a bit jealous at the same time!!