Sunday, August 25, 2013

our weekend: a wedding and two parents under the weather

This weekend has really flown by. Steve worked on Saturday and I spent most of my day at a dear old friends wedding. It was so beautiful! And I had so much fun catching up with friends I've known since very early on in my childhood. Congratulations to Rachel and Wayne as they start their new life together!

I also had fun hanging out with my family during the wedding. Everyone was there except for my little sister, who's in Washington attending her senior(!) year at WSU. Here's me and my older sister Kelsey...and by the way normally I am about 2 inches taller than her. I wore flats and she wore adorable platform heels and the entire time it just felt so wrong to be shorter than her.

Steve came home from work with a stuffy nose and I had a sore throat when I went to bed. We both woke up multiple times in the night just feeling downright miserable :( I was woken up by Riggs crying at 6:30, which was really strange since he usually always sleeps until about 7:30. Getting out of bed I noticed it was pretty chilly in the house and his room was even colder! I think that's what woke him up, since his little hands and feet were cold and his nose was even cold and red, poor guy.

When I went to let Tutka out I realized that there was a very light layer of frost outside, and I could see my breath too. No wonder it was cold in the house! We hadn't turned our heat on yet and had a few windows open too. I went to look at the thermostat and it was only 61 in the house...oops!

I turned on the heat and we've spent the entire day just lazing around in the house under blankets feeling a bit like zombies. Luckily Riggs is in a great mood and has done a lot to cheer us up and not be too hard on his two sick parents. I'm hoping it's just allergies, and we've been taking natural supplements and neti potting it up, which has helped. Hoped you had a lovely weekend and if you're in Alaska, you better be at the Fair right now enjoying the gorgeous weather!