Monday, October 29, 2012

Liebster Award

Guess what everyone?  I won an award!  For blogging!  Yay!  <-- as you can tell I'm pretty excited.  It's called the Liebster Award, and it's giving to up and coming blogs that have less than 200 followers.

Sam at Life as Mrs. B is the sweet soul that nominated my blog, thank you Sam!  I guess there are a few rules I should mention:

:: post 11 random facts about yourself ::
:: answer the questions the blogger who nominated set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to ::
:: choose 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post ::
:: go to their page and tell them about the award ::
:: no tag backs! ::

And now for the fun part, 11 random facts about me!  Oh wait, didn't I just post 26 random facts about me on my birthday 5 days ago?  So if you're dying to know lots of weird random things about me you can head over to that post and get your fill.

from Mrs. B

1.  Do you believe in love at first sight?  Okay I might sound completely cynical here but I don't.  I want to, believe me!  But I just don't think it's possible to truly love someone at first sight, in that first moment you lay eyes on them.  After a couple of hours actually spent together, getting to know each other, maybe.  However, when it comes to babies everything changes!  That first moment I felt my sons warm, squishy little body and saw his big eyes looking up at me, I definitely fell very deeply in love with him.  So in that case, I would say yes, I do believe in love at first sight.
2.  What is your most embarrassing moment?  Oh man I don't even want to share this one.  I keep debating, should I?  No I definitely shouldn't.  But, wait, it is my most embarrassing moment and I have to be honest on my blog...Ugh, ok here goes.  When Steve and I were first together he lived in Homer during the summer when he was not going to college in Anchorage (where I lived).  He lived in a teeny cabin at his brothers house that didn't have indoor plumbing, so you had to walk quite aways down this scary (to me, I'm scared of everything) trail to use this really scary (see previous note) outhouse.  I've been to this same place many times since then and it doesn't seem that scary at all, but trust me, it was then!  It was dark and the trees are thick there and I was nervous.  Anyway,  when I first got there I had to pee so, so bad and Steve told me, "Oh, you just have to go out to the outhouse.  Back there." and pointed off, into the woods.  Now I was born and raised in Alaska my whole life, and have spent a lot of time camping and spending time outdoors in the woods.  But people, there are big moose and bears all around this state and no matter how used to it I am they are still scary!  My sister was with me, but she had gone over to Steve's brothers house to say hello and so I couldn't make her go with me.  So I did what anyone would do, and grabbed some kleenex from my car, stuffed it in my pocket and went to the nearest tree to do my thing, rather than taking the long, scary walk back to the outhouse.  My heart was pounding like crazy and seconds seemed like minutes because I was so worried that someone would come along and see me.  But no one did.  I was so happy!  It wasn't as bad as I thought!  Yay! The thing is, I was wearing overalls (yeah that's another story).  And overalls have straps, that hang down, behind you.  And guess what?  I had totally just peed on one of my overall straps.  Yes, I really had.  I was frozen for a moment, in shock, with no idea what to do.  I was still really close to my car, and decided to just strip down from my overalls, throw them in a trash bag in my car, and drive away as fast as I could, cheeks flaming with mortification.  Except I actually didn't drive away.  But I really, really, REALLY wanted to.  Goodness sakes people, it was horrible!  So I'm in my car, with no pants on, trying to get some shorts out of my bag in the back seat, and then struggling to put them on in the drivers seat of my car, when Steve comes back out, probably worried about what happened to me.  Of course I did not tell him what happened until years later when we were married, but I'm sure he thought I was really weird for changing into shorts, in my car, when I was supposed to be using the creepy outhouse.  Let's just say it was a fail from the very beginning.
3.  How old were you when you had your first kiss?  I was 14 and that's all I'm going to say about that!
4.  What was your favorite TGIF show growing up?  I hate to break it to you but we didn't have TV (like cable) for most of the time we were growing up.  I couldn't even name one TGIF show if I tried.
5.  If you were a Disney princess who would you be?  I think I would be Belle...hello library?!!!  I've also thought about being Pocahontas, but I would have chosen Kocoum.
6.  If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?  The British Isles.  That is the first area I have to explore if I leave North America.
7.  What would be number one on your bucket list?  I have no idea.  Maybe to meet Kate Middleton or spend the day with the British royal family and not have it be really weird and awkward because I'm a total stranger who is obsessed with them? lol I'm not really a 'bucket list' type of person.  I really love my life and am not that into doing extreme things like sky diving and swimming with sharks.
8.  How many times a day do you check Facebook?  {or twitter, instagram, blog...} Probably at least 8.3 times a day for Facebook, or whenever I'm bored.  Unfortunately it never really seems to help that much with boredom.  I never look at twitter, and I look at instagram either when I'm really bored, like when I'm in a waiting room and I've already scrolled through facebook and pinterest.  But I always scroll through everyone's pictures if I'm uploading my own.  For some reason I just always forget about instagram...I don't really 'check' my blog because I get email notifications.  I check other peoples blogs at night after I've put Riggs to bed, either lounging on the couch or in bed myself.
9.  What would your favorite date night be?  A night in?  Or a night on the town?  At this moment, after not yet venturing out together without our son (he's almost 10 months old) I'd have to say a night on the town, but without worrying about our little guy.  Which means it will still probably be a few months before that happens.  I'm hoping to go on a trip to celebrate Steve topping out (reaching journeyman status as a lineman) next summer or fall.  It will really depend on Steve's work schedule, of course, but I'm thinking Vegas, kid free, for about 4 or 5 days.
10.  What was the best gift you ever received?  It's so hard to decide so I'm just going to cop out (and tell the truth) that the best gift I've received is from God in the form of our son, Riggs.  We love him so much, more than words could ever describe and best of all, he lights up our lives every single day.
11.  What is your biggest weakness?  My biggest weakness is definately letting myself get stressed about things.  The littlest thing can become a big deal in my mind if I think about it too much and worry, worry, worry!

for the bloggers I nominate
1.  Head back to about the year 2000.  Backstreet boys or *Nsync?
2.  What is your dream job?  Like literally if you could do anything to make money, what would it be?
3.  What's your favorite holiday? Why?
4.  What is your favorite childhood memory?
5.  Dogs, cats, or both?
6.  Where would you live if you could choose?
7.  What is your biggest pet peeve?
8.  If you had to be stuck inside a Disney movie, which one would you choose?
9.  What is your go-to beauty product at the moment that you can't live without?
10.  Gold or Silver?
11.  Have you ever been to Alaska?  Would you visit if you could?

Okay, now it's time for the blogs I've chosen! Okay, I broke the rules a little here, because I only nominated 9 blogs.  But there's a reason!  I didn't want to just search the web for random blogs to nominate, I actually wanted to nominate blogs that I would actually recommend and that I actually read.  So here you go:

1.  The Life We Love
2.  Sweet Life of a Southern Wife
3.  Meet the Barringtons
4.  Hooah and Hiccups
5.  Gracefully Made
6.  Sisters - Sharing Each Others Journey
7.  Georgia Peach
8.  DK Everyday
9.  New England Charm


  1. Your blog is so cute! Thank you! I'll be sure to get on this right away!

    Lovely to meet you. :)


  2. I really am going to do this!! Three days in a row it's been on my to-do list and hasn't gotten done. BAH. Hopefully tomorrow =)

  3. Thank you for the nomination!! Sorry I couldn't respond to your comment on my blog (it was an anonymous email). I can't wait to answer these & post about it :)