Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stockings, a Creepy Elf, and Glitter Nails...

Some of you may know that organizing is one of my favorite things to do.  I can be a little bit OCD about some things, and Pinterest just happens to be one of them.  I have no idea if this makes me completley crazy, but about ever two weeks or so, I go back through the things I've been pinning to make sure that they were actually pin-worthy.  I usually end up deleting about 30% of what I had previously pinned.  Crazy?  Not crazy?  I don't know but it's what I do.

Anyway...sometimes when I'm going back through my pins, I find some that I love so much that I would pin them again and again and again.  Since it's Wednesday and Michelle over at The Vintage Apple does Oh, How Pinteresting link ups each week on Wednesdays I thought I'd share some of my favorite pins.  First I'll list my 10 favorite pins and then I'll list the top 5 repinned pins.  Ready?


Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

Ok, and now for my top 5 repinned pins from the last week:

9 repins

8 repins:

6 repins

5 repins

4 repins
a tie between the following two pins

So there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed your brief glimpse into the world of Pinterest.  If you don't have one, GET ONE NOW!!! 


  1. I loooove the Christmas glitter nails!!! Now to find the right nail polish...

    1. I know right? I have been keeping my eye out. I think the cream/white is an essie color (waltz maybe?) and the glitter is china glaze. But I couldn't find the china glaze glitter colors at the store the other day :( If you find some you must tell me! lol

  2. Hey girl thanks for stopping by yesterday. And thank you so much for the prayers. I'll be keeping you in mine too :-) Love your blog btw!