Friday, October 12, 2012

in just three months...

I literally cannot believe that in just three months my baby will be a year old.  How can I have a nine month old?  I don't even know where the time has gone.  But I do know that we have just had the best nine months in the whole wide world.  Just the other night, Steve was playing with Riggs after work, and I heard him ask Riggs what we ever did before he was born.  The answer?  Who even cares, because it pales so very much in comparison to our lives now.

Nine months seems to be a very fun age for Riggs, especially since he is mobile now and can pretty much get anywhere he wants to.  His technique is not the classic crawl, but man is he fast!  And he's been working very hard on his agility, climbing up onto the dog bed and then off again (over and over and over) climbing up onto the bottom shelf of a serving cart we have in our kitchen, and trying to climb into the kennel (with Tutka, of course).

(this picture kills me)

It's been pretty crazy since he started getting around, and somedays I'm just happy he survived to make it to bed.  Like today, for example.  This morning he was crawling around in our bedroom (I was laying on the bed still, doing very important things on Facebook - ha) and I was sure there wasn't anything dangerous that he could get into.  Next thing I know, I look down and he has a pair of scissors, open, about to stick the blades in his mouth!!! They were blunt child scissors, but still...I was off that bed in a flash, carefully extracting them from his open mouth and hands.  Where did he find kid scissors?!  Then I'm cleaning our bathroom, and I turn around to see him about to lick the toilet (ewww).  All I can say is thank you Lord that I cleaned the toilet first!  Then we went on a walk, stopping at our special place to play fetch with Tutka.  I started taking a few pictures of Riggs (as if I need anymore lol) and notice that he's not even buckled into his stroller!  Sigh...I don't think I'll be winning a mother-of-the-year award anytime soon.

As far as big changes go, the biggest would be the mobility.  Probably the next biggest change would be in his appetite for "real" food.  I guess being mobile works up quite an appetite, because he eats so much more now!  He is also able to drink out of a sippy cup now, whereas before he wouldn't quite hold it up to where he could actually drink out of it (why would he, when it's much more fun to bang it on his high chair tray?).  He is also so talkative, and can say mama and dada now (yay) as well as dog (which comes out more like daah).  He also just says nonsense words all the time to himself when he's playing, it's so funny!  A lot of times it actually sounds more like he's chirping than talking but either way we really get a kick out of it.

As far as growth goes, he's slowed down a little bit, but he's still a pretty big boy.  At his doctors appointment, he weighed 20 lbs 14 oz (47%), was 30 inches long (95%) and his head was 47 cm (88%).  I thought his weight would be more, because man is he heavy to carry around!  He wears 9-12 month size clothes, but I've been getting out some of his 12-18 months sizes and putting them in the back of his drawers so I don't forget any clothes (I hate when that happens).  He's just a big ol' bundle of joy and we love him so much!

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