Monday, October 22, 2012

Countdown to Christmas :: 63 days!

That is just about two months people!  I am so excited for Christmas, and I did a little happy dance the other day at the store when I saw that the Christmas decorations were out.  I'm just not much of a halloween person, and am always glad to see it pass so that we can get to my favorite two months of the entire year, November and December.  All I've been able to think about lately is making this Christmas season amazing and starting a few new traditions with Riggs.  

I love to make lists, and what better then list after list about Christmas stuff like presents, crafts, cooking, and traditions?  Nothing!  I feel like my list of to-dos is never ending...and I love it!

fix Riggs' stocking (it says 'Rowan' right now...that's a whole other story)
"rustic" theme for the tree - search Pinterest for ideas
maybe host a Christmas party of some sort?
oh maybe a cookie baking or gingerbread house decorating party!
some Christmas throw pillows for the couch
some pretty decorations for the entry area
figure out what traditions we want to keep, toss, or adopt
hang Christmas lights

I hung the Christmas lights on Saturday (with just a teeny bit of help from Steve) and they look amazing!  As you can see the rest of my entryway looks so empty and boring.  We really don't like the paint colors of our house so that makes me sort of just ignore everything "out there", but I know it would still look a lot better if I put out some lighted garland and some other decorations.  

Eventually I would love it if it looked like this:

I can dream, right?  Anyway, I've just been in such a Christmas mindset lately 
I had to write about it and give my poor mind a little break.  
Anyone else have Christmas on the brain?  I can't be the only one!  


  1. LOVE the LIGHTS!!! I'm really trying to get John to get out and hang them before the snow is here!

  2. Good job on getting lights up! LU

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