Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October in Pictures

In case you've been living underneath a rock, October has come and {nearly} gone.  I was such a slacker at the beginning of the month and barely blogged, and I realized I had some pictures that were just too cute not to share here.  So I decided to do an October recap in pictures...

Here is Riggy passed out in our bed a day or two before we sent him packing...to his room that is.
I don't want to jinx anything, but that transition went so much more smoothly than I could have ever imagined.
Yay for Riggs getting more sleep and yay for Steve and I having more time alone together. 

I went to the women's show with my friends, Sarah and Sarah (what can I say, it's a good name!).
Somehow I managed to drag not just Riggs along with me, but also Steve, who opted out of the photoshoot. 
Riggs was introduced to a little thing called the helium-filled-balloon at Nordstrom.
They are so smart there!  "Let's give kids balloons to distract them so their moms can actually pay attention to shopping and spend some money."  Tricky, Nordstroms, very tricky...

We go on a walk every. single. day. regardless of weather to get the dogs some excercise and attention, and for some reason the sight of Riggs in the stroller, all bundled up, always makes me whip out my iPhone to snap a "few" photos.  Then I look at my phone later in the week and realize I have about 87 different pictures of Riggs in the exact same spots from nearly every day.  Whoops...

Riggs and I met up with some friends and went to the Reindeer Farm early on in the month during one of their Fall Festival Saturday's to check out the Alaskan version of the pumpkin patch (tiny pumpkins laying out in the fields to be "picked" by really excited little children who can barely walk because they are bundled in so many articles of warm clothing).  I ran into my friend Erin there and I couldn't believe it was the first time she had seen Riggy!  He also got to ride a pony/horse (it was huge!) for the first time, narrowly avoid having his eyes poked out by the reindeers antlers in the petting pen, and hang out in the grass with his friend Ford.

Riggs learned to drive...

...repeatedly tried to hurt himself...

...and contemplated embarking on an adventure in the yard with his trusty Pampered Chef bamboo spoon.
I guess he decided to just hang out in the yard and wait for Steve to get home instead.

Riggs and I napped our way through some Sunday football games on the wool rug in the living room.
Steve and I had a little talk about Riggs' true father.  Ha joking, of course.
But seriously, doesn't Riggs look like a baby James Bond?

Riggs was so surprised and excited to wake up from his afternoon nap on Saturday to Steve being home early from work.
{Riggs wasn't the only one}

Steve and Tutka had some cuddle time on Sunday morning.

Annddddd this morning Riggs and I went out and played in the fresh snow.  I am so glad it finally snowed!  I can't stand it when it's just cold and sunny for weeks and weeks.  I just hope it snows so more so we can get out all the skis and snowmachine and have some fun outside.  Plus I want to get our family pictures taken soon, and I really, really want to get them done in the snow.

I don't know about you, but I can't believe October is already over!  Not that I'm sad about the upcoming holiday season, oh no, I am ridiculously excited and ready for it to get underway.  Once it's November, things are getting a little crazy around here!  Steve's fam is coming to stay next weekend, then I head to Seattle for some SHOPPING and relaxation time with my mama, then my little sis gets home from college, then Thanksgiving (at my house ah!!), then Black Friday...so many exciting things I can't even handle it!  What are you most excited about in November? 


  1. Your little guy is SO cute!

    I can't wait for the snow to get HERE!


  2. I LOVE the color picture of Riggs in the snow! I need a printed copy. Also really like the one of him with sunglasses AND the one of u two sleeping! Nice joc honey :-)

  3. I love you and miss you and actually had a moment on the computer this morning and so it was a perfect time to find your monthly recap :D. I wanna know - is Black Friday really all that? I was thinking of maaaaaybe hitting best buy and target this year, but I don't really know how to go about it. What are you doing this weekend, hmm? Text me my love! xoxoxoxoxo.